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    Join NiharsWorld

    NiharsWorld invites Guest Authors and Writers who are willing to write here. It is a revenue sharing program. Along with exposure, you will also make money from your posts from our revenue sharing program. If you want to get latest updates on the list of topics we are covering here at NiharsWorld please subscribe to our RSS feed.

    Why you should write for NiharsWorld?

    NiharsWorld is popular Tech Blog where we write about Blogging, Technology, WordPress, Social Media & Bookmarking and Make Money Online. At the time of writing Our Google Page Rank is 3 and Alexa rank is 58K. NiharsWorld has 2000+ Loyal readers.

    When you write for NiharsWorld you will get exposure which includes backlink + traffic + recognition + money and you will build up your own circle of admirers. Along with that you will also be making money from our adsense revenue sharing program.

    A word about revenue sharing plan:

    With guest posting you get the flexibility to use your own adsense code (one ad unit below the post title) in your post. Money you earn will be credited into your adsense account.

    We don’t keep any share of the money you make, we give all 100% share to you.

    Read on to know how you can reckon your adsense code for revenue sharing plan

    If you do not have Google adsense account, default ad will be put up. But once you enter your adsense code. you will start seeing your ad (your old posts included). As of now, We only support adsense integration.

    Guest authors please note:

    You have the freedom to promote yourself so long as it does not hinder readability. You may use one backlink to your own post if it is relevant.

    • Credit : We respect individual work and if your idea is prompted by someone else, give credit to the source.. So also with images. that you upload on your post.
    • Screenshot + Video : Images tell a lot. Yes, we all know that. So a relevant image enhances the visual appeal of your post. If you are a video blogger, fine, put up a video then.
    • No Affiliate link : We understand you want to make money and that’s why we offer Adsense sharing. Please do not add any affiliate links.
    • Self promotion : You do get a byline and your profile is tagged to your post. So why add anything for self promotion and paid or paid service.
    • Copyright : Copyright is sacred. Honour it. If we detect any violation, you will be solely responsible and you will be banned. All your posts will be immediately deleted without intimation.
    • Comment : Comments promote communication. When your content is posted, get into the chat mode and reply to all queries, suggestions and be courteous and polite. Look, this is for your benefit.
    • NiharsWorld is a platform for bloggers. Any one defying any guideline invites immediate ban. This ensures we maintain highest standards and ethics. Remember etiquette is of utmost importance.

    How To Submit The Article?

    It’s very Simple.

    1. Get registered as a guest author. After registering you will get a mail with your login information.
    2. Once done, update your profile. Make sure you fill all the given forms.
    3. Now read this guide on How to configure adsense code for revenue sharing program
    4. Now under Dashboard, go to Posts and click Add New Post. Write up an article and do all the basic things like adding tags and assigning categories. Then, click Submit for Review button.
    5. That’s it. Now, if your article meets all the above said guidelines then it will be published for sure.

    Have any doubt, question, complaint, anything, good or bad, absurd, or what you feel silly, do not hesitate. Share it with us by Contacting Us. Get doubts clarified.

    Join NiharsWorld Revenue Sharing Program

    As soldiers are told, Better ask a silly question (in the classroom privacy) , than make a blunder (on field) later (by suppressing your curiosity).


    1. hemant says:

      How can I get the code ????

    2. hemant says:

      Actually am getting problem there, What I request for Google absense code, Its sending me message,that your website have no original content.

    3. Cool! i am looking forward to making some posts 🙂

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