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    Adding Adsense code for NiharsWorld Revenue sharing

    As part of NiharsWorld Revenue Sharing Program, We allow guest bloggers to add their adsense code to NiharsWorld, so that while writing post for NiharsWorld you can also make money out of it.

    How to add adsense to your blog post?

    1. Login to your adsense account, If you don’t have one. You can always apply one.
    2. Click on adsense set up > Adsense for content
    3. Select Ad unit = Text ads only
    4. Format= Select Medium Rectangle 336*280
    5. Color combination should be as follows:

      # Border = FFFFFF
      # Title = 000000
      # Background = FFFFFF
      # Text = 0083FA
      # URL = 0083FA
      # Fonts : Verdana

    6. Click on Submit and get Code
    7. You code will be like this (example below):

      <script type=”text/javascript”><!–
      google_ad_client = “pub-250136133456741″"
      google_ad_slot = “663644570”"
      google_ad_width = 336"
      google_ad_height = 280"
      <script type=”text/javascript”

    We need two things here from the above code that you get

    Google_ad_client : pub-250136133456741

    Google_ad_slot : 663644570

    Login to NiharsWorld, if you have not registered yet, you can register for NiharsWorld here.

    Under Dashboard click on Author advertising on Top left .

    Now Enter the Above two entries, as mentioned :

    Click on save changes and from now on whenever you will write a Guest post for NiharsWorld, you will make money from your own advertisements. FYI we give 100% share to author of the post. For any query Contact Us.

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