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  • Japanese doing ‘Kajra re’ in Sakura Bazaar

    Sakura, or Japanese cherry blossoms are found in bloom in March-April. You can get a spectacular view in and around Tokyo for around 10 days.

    Sakura Flower At Tokyo

    In the last week of march 2007, we were lucky enough to see a beautiful view of the cherry blossoms at Kudanshita. Around this time, Indian Embassy, Japan organizes a “Sakura Bazaar”. The food stalls and handicrafts were indeed noteworthy. However, something surprising awaited us. It was the stage performances by Indians and Japanese on Bollywood songs. It started with Bharatnatyam performances by Japanese ladies. Their grace and perfection was worth a watch. The fun started when they started dancing to the tunes of “Kajra re” from the Hindi flick “Bunty Aur Bubbly”.

    Japanese abhishek bachchan in kajra re dance

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    How much do you believe Ganesha Says

    How many of us do not check the daily forecast in the newspaper first thing in the morning? Even if we have excuses like “I don’t believe it, I was just checking it”, “You know it has become a habit over the years otherwise I don’t believe all these…”, we all know somewhere deep in our hearts that the astrology forecast gives us a feeling of security / alertness / well-being. Even I turn on the TV on time to check if I should be careful while traveling or if I will have a fight with my partner this week.

    What Ganesha Says

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    Hayden labels Harbhajan as “obnoxious weed”

    Matthew Hayden has labeled Harbhajan Singh an “obnoxious weed”. It will add more fire between the two sides that has surfaced during India’s tour.

    Matthew Hayden has labeled Harbhajan Singh an obnoxious weed

    First it was sydney during the Test match and again it was sydney on Last sunday where Ishant Sharma was charged 15% of match fee.

    When speaking on a Brisbane radio station, Hayden said: “It’s been a bit of a long battle with Harbhajan, the first time I ever met him he was the same little obnoxious weed that he is now. His record speaks for itself in cricket.

    “There is a certain line that you can kind of go to and then you know where you push it and he just pushes it all the time. That’s why he has been charged more than anyone that’s ever played in the history of cricket.”

    The pair clashed during Sunday’s CB Series game at the SCG when the Indians complained that Hayden had called Harbhajan a “mad boy”.
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    When Some Keys On The Keyboard are not Working – Troubleshoot

    Suddenly, some of the keys on the keyboard are dead (not working) or You have an old PC or laptop with a faulty keyboard.

    You want to get a new keyboard or go for a repair but you have some task on your plate which is very urgent and needs to be completed immediately.

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    How to protect yourself from Keyloggers

    My suggestion to all is always try to avoid accessing your bank accounts or mailbox from public computers (cyber cafes…etc). With all the keyloggers that may be stuffed in public computers, they pose a serious security threat to users. Keyloggers mean not just Trojans, but commercial keyloggers as well.

    What are key loggers ?

    Key Loggers are software or hardware tools that capture the user’s keystrokes from keyboard. This can be useful to determine sources of error in computer systems and is sometimes used to measure employee productivity on certain clerical tasks. But, keyloggers are widely available on the Internet and can be used by private parties to spy on the computer usage of others hence stealing users private data.

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    How To Geo-Target Ads based on visitors location

    Today, I am going to tell how i implemented Geo-Targeting Ads based on visitors country. Let me first explain Why Geo-Target Ads and How you can implement it on your domain/site or your blog.

    How to Geo Target Ads

    There are some advertising networks who only pay if the visitors are from a specific country say USA or Canada. I serve Axill CPM ads and ApplyAds CPM ads. ApplyAds CPM ads pays for impressions only if the visitor is from USA or Canada.

    If i place a ApplyAds leaderboard CPM ad and if the visitor is not from USA or Canada, I will not earn for that Ad space.

    What if i want to serve Axill CPM ads for non-US and non-Canada visitor and ApplyAds CPM ads for US and Canada visitor?

    You could use the same method to Display Chitika Premium Ads only to US Visitors

    Geo-Targeting ads based on visitors location (country,city)

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    Microsoft Surface Computing: Minority Report Screen becomes reality

    Surely some of you have seen the film Minority Report that showed a screen operated not by mouse or pointing device but by hands, Tom cruise using his hands to open, rotate, enlarge photos on the computing screen. When i saw the movie, i was thinking how could be this possible, using hands and finger to play with photos or videos that are on the screen. Now, this has become a reality.

    I came to know about this when i was using stumble upon
    Microsoft’s Surface Computing screens will hit market by end of 2007.
    Microsoft Surface Computing
    Say goodbye to your mouse! Five years of closed development at Microsoft has now resulted in a ground breaking technology called Surface Computing. It’s not simply just another device with a touch screen – it’s a bridge between the real and the virtual world. Surface Computing allows you to have a superior level of interaction with data like never before. No mouse. No keyboard. No wires. Just you, your fingers and your hand gestures.
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