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    Seeking your own ‘Office Space’ : Movie Review

    Yes, this is the movie that I would recommend for anyone who has seen the corporate world, because it talks about how we feel and how it is– the ‘job’ i mean. I bet anyone who sees it finds it familiar to the experience we have at our work place. Let me count them for you.

    Office Space - Movie Review

    Office Space – Movie Review

    Office Space Movie Review

    First, for the nagging-worse-than-that-of-your wife ‘boss’ who moves around the floor with a coffee mug in his hand. Then, the irritating or helpless colleagues(remember there are only these 2 categories). Then, the management who is finding ‘bakras’ so that they can be laid off. And the unforgettable ‘you'( totally confused, sometimes paranoid) in the MNC work culture. As the movie progresses, you start familiarizing with it. Minute things that have happened all the time.The banners to motivate you, the razor-sharp HR language to remind you of your inferiority, the mind-boggling rules and regulations.The printer that has troubled you each and every time you accessed it. The disturbing co-workers listening to a radio or talking loudly. In fact, when half the movie is over, the three male protagonists do something hilarious that we all have wanted to do for long. I would not reveal it because I want you to check it out.

    Yes, its a comedy –something that you can definitely watch and forget but at the same time think and re-think. Like there is a dialogue by Jennifer Anniston which goes something like this :

    We all hate our jobs but then we need to find something good there that makes us do it.

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