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    Free POP3 access for Yahoo Mail

    Today, I am going to tell on How to get Free POP3 access for your Yahoo Mail account.

    Yahoo Pops!

    What is POP3?

    POST OFFICE PROTOCOL. More on it @ Wiki.

    If your email provider provides free POP3 service, You need not login to the account to check your mails. You can use email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Incredimail and many others on your PC.

    You just have to configure your client to access your mail that’s all! As soon as you have a new mail in your Inbox, the client will download the mail for you. So you need not login to your Inbox for newer mails.

    Gmail provides free POP3 access. But Yahoo doesn’t, it charges for the service. But no worries, there is way to get POP3 access to your Yahoo Mail without any charge.

    I am using this from last 2 years or so. Download Yahoo Pops!

    It is called YPOPs!. “YPOPs! is an application that provides POP3 access to Yahoo! Mail.”

    How do we do it you ask? Well, this application is more like a gateway. It provides a POP3 server interface at oΒ­ne end to talk to email clients and an HTTP client (browser) interface at the other which allows it to talk to Yahoo!.

    YPOPs! was inspired by a Perl script called FetchYahoo written by Ravi Ramkissoon. YPOPs! is available on the Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac platforms.

    Download it and then you can find the link to Configuring Mail Clients in that site on the left side, that will tell you the steps to configure yahoo pops and your email client(it can be outlook, incredimail or any other clients).

    Try it out. It will be fascinating to see your yahoo mails arriving on your PC in your email client.
    You can even send mails using yahoo without actually accessing yahoo mail.

    Do check it out and share with friends.
    Yahoo Pops! | Incredimail

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    1. Anurag says:

      The similar kind of stuff I have put on my blog some 9 days back. Here is the link:

    2. Anshul Agrawal says:

      I think Yahoo NOW offers POP free to everyone. just check out the mail options or click the following link while you are logged in Yahoo.

      You don’t need a workaround anymore.


      But anyways, I am waiting for the day I have IMAP access to Yahoo Mail.

    3. Anurag says:

      I think you somehow got misinformed.
      Yahoo! do provide POP but only to Premium members. For which you have to pay $19.99 per year.
      You don’t get POP access if you have the FREE Yahoo Mail.

    4. Nihar says:

      Anshul you are right. Yahoo pop is for only premium members

      If we use yahoopops service we can get POP3 service free of cost πŸ™‚

    5. Anshul Agrawal says:

      Here’s the long story….

      I always had the Yahoo POP access… to get it you just need to change your content preference settings at http://account.yahoo.com. On this page, change your Preferred Content to “English India” and you will have POP access. This thing never changed and is there from past 5 years.

      However, a couple of months ago even the US / UK residents can type in same settings and use the service. I TRIED IT A COUPLE OF MINUTES AGO WITH CONTENT SET TO “US ENGLISH”. I am able to receive mails and also send mails without any hassle or workaround.

      That was the POP story, to get the IMAP access to your account you need to connect your coimputer to internet through your mobile’s GPRS connection. There are some server settings which are IP restricted and will work only on TCP connections coming from a certain IPs which belong to cellphone vendors.

      I prefer the IMAP access but its kind of slllllloooowww to access the net using my cellphone. The workaround that one is to use the gmail (I personally don’t do that, but just in case). What you can do is access your YMail account through GMail and then have access to all mails in there using the IMAP.

      Shorter Version

      1. Yahoo offers POP to all users, in all countries, without any Premium charges (as of now)
      2. Yahoo does offer an IMAP service but is restricted only to cellphone users using GPRS. (Undocumented)
      3. For real despo users, GMAIL can be used to access Yahoo account through near IMAP way.


    6. meyah says:

      it works!!!thank god..tried everything!this ypops thing works!

    7. robert says:

      What were your settings meyah? I could not get it to run with Kaufman MailWarrior

    8. Nihar says:

      @robert, check the manual in yahoopops site to get the instructions/settings.

    9. Deca says:

      I’ve tried YPop but it doesn’t work anymore

    10. Nihar says:

      @Deca, let me check whether its working or not.

    11. asv says:

      I have Outlook 2007 running on my PC. I only have a basic Yahoo email account (not the “Plus” one).

      I do not have YPOPS running.

      Contrary to my expectation (since Yahoo charges for POP access for the free account holders), I’m able to retrieve all Yahoo email using POP access to my OUtlook account.

      However, I’m not able to POP access Yahoo email from Gmail. I get the message that Yahoo only offers POP access to it’s Plus! subscribers.

      Question: Why is Outlook 2007 able to POP access Yahoo email?? (remember I do not have a Plus! account).

    12. Picobit says:

      Yahoo does offer free POP access if you change a setting. It worked for me and it is drescribed here:


      No need for YPOPS anymore πŸ™‚

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