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    SPAMBOX – Get a temporary email address with email forwarding feature

    I found this interesting site Spam Box. It is a service that allows you to create a temporary e-mail address that will forward all incoming mail to your usual e-mail address.

    I entered my email address then selected expiry time as 1 hour and click the “Generate spambox” button. Here you go, a new email-id GoYFGd0K0hJDlga0@spambox.us is created.

    By the time i post this article the above spambox email id will have expired !!

    How is this SPAMBOX service useful?

    Many websites ask for your e-mail address to download software or to register. But you don’t know what they’ll be doing with your e-mail.. Your e-mail will probably be stored in a database which will then be resold to spammers and you will be receiving unsolicited bulk e-mail.

    How does this spambox email-id help me?
    The service creates for you a temporary e-mail address that will expire in the time you chose, all the mails directed to this e-mail will be transparently forwarded to your real e-mail.
    For example, you need to register to a forum or website and that requires e-mail verification, so you generate a spambox e-mail with an expiry of one hour. The generated e-mail will expire in an hour, way enough for the Forum to send you the verification code.

    From now on, want to register to a site, forum or download software but need to enter your email id. Just enter the spambox email id that will expire in some time chosen by you.
    then activate your account or get the registration key for software you want to download.

    Its a free service so just go ahead and generate temporary email-id.

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    1. stop spam says:

      use stop-my-spam.com it’s esyer to get junk mail

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