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    Who’s on your Site – Find on World Map in Real time

    Most of the bloggers / webmasters use some kind of tool to keep track of visitors.

    I am using StatCounter, Google Analytics and a very interesting and exciting widget by Amung.us.

    Following are the two widgets i use and i am sure that everybody who reads this post will start using it on their blog/site 🙂

    Who Widget : whos.amung.us

    I started using whos.amung.us widget from December 2007. It is a nice small widget that shows the current users online. Check below.

    web tracker

    You too can create for your blog or domain and keep it on the side bar. It is quick and easy to configure.Just go to who.amung.us and create a widget for your site.After you enter your site’s url in that site, It creates a 8 digit unique code for you after that you can choose the color and size of the widget.It then generates a javascript snippet, just copy the code and put it in your site. I have put it in right sidebar.

    2) Map Widget : map.amung.us

    My Site’s map:

    It shows the world map and current users online plotted on it.Those who already have who.amung.us widget can use the same unique key to get map.amung.us widget.Just go that page, select the map size, map style, visitor indicator and color.They claim that this is the first of its kind as Dynamic Map widget that updates the visitor’s as they come in.

    The interesting feature are :

    • The Stars on the map show the locations from where the visitors have visited the site.
    • The circles that have small ripples indicate active users.
    • As soon as you see a circle with a ripple created it means a new visitor has visited your blog or site.

    It is really a great widget.

    Look on the right side bar.Also check their other UI features at Showcase

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    1. Mastermind says:

      This widget is really cool..it even shows which post your visitors are looking at

    2. Nihar says:

      Yeah, try it out for your site

    3. Troy says:

      Very cool widgets, I’m glad I saw you on BlogRush! I especially like whos.amung.us because it’s simple and doesn’t take up much space. Stumbled this for you :).

    4. Nihar says:

      Thanks troy for commenting and stumbling 🙂

    5. himanshu says:

      Thanks for sharing this widget Nihar..

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