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    Type in Hindi (and other Indian regional languages) using English Keyboard

    I was wondering that a lot of people in orkut have their names in Hindi or any other regional language. I thought of doing a Google search and finding out software/site that allows me to type in Hindi.

    Click on below thumbnail to enlargeNiharsWorld in Hindi
    NiharsWorld in Hindi

    Found out a lot of sites, of which i am listing three sites that i found very interesting:

    Out of the three sites, Hindi Type Pad allows you to type following languages:

    Bengali | Gujarati | Hindi | Kannada | Malayalam | Punjabi | Telugu | Tamil

    Open any of the above mentioned site, type in your name, copy and paste it in your orkut profile.
    You got your name in hindi 🙂

    NOTE : Make sure the application where you paste the text should support unicode characters

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    1. beekeys says:

      surprised when u checked the google u couldn’t find thishttp://www.google.com/transliterate/indic/Hindi, this is the best i think, u can check plz, thnx for sharing

    2. Nihar says:


      Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t find it.

      I will add it to my post

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