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    Planning to change WordPress Theme?

    You want to give a new look to your wordpress blog.

    What do you usually do?

    • Search for WordPress Themes. After finding a correct one of your choice and then change the theme.
    • OR

    • Try changing the current Theme itself.

    After that you may start making some changes or tweaking the theme. But, because of that changes, your blog may break and your blog visitors may see a buggy blog.

    To avoid the above scenario, You can use “Admin Theme Preview” WordPress plugin.

    Before you read the rest of the post. I would like to thank Michael, this is the link were i discovered this plugin.

    How does this plugin help you?

    The Admin Theme Preview (ATP) plugin for WordPress allows for the preview of any currently installed theme without affecting the “live” blog theme viewable to site visitors. Useful for development and testing of new and existing WordPress themes.

    After you install the plugin, there will a new menu called “Theme Preview” under your WordPress Administration->Design menu. There you will see all available themes that you have on your WordPress themes folder.
    Admin Preview Theme

    Now, click on the theme and you will see your blog with that theme. Only you (the admin) can see the selected theme. Your blog visitors will continue viewing the blog with the current theme. By this way you are making your site available and you (the admin) can continue modifying the theme and keep testing.

    Admin Theme Preview plugin for WordPress is a MUST if you are still in the process of choosing the right theme and tweaking your current theme heavily.

    NOTE : If you are using WP-SuperCache plugin, you better disable the plugin and try doing the above

    I used the same plugin, when i changed my theme. you can check this post

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    1. Nihar says:


      If you have wordpress blog try using it… and see the results

    2. Herbert says:

      It’s a useful plugin, but I prefer to install WordPress locally and do my tweaking from there. I don’t know why – I just don’t feel very comfortable doing things that can break my theme while it’s live on the Internet, even though I know nobody else can see it.

    3. Nihar says:


      Let me know how to install wordpress locally and do all the tweaking…

    4. ameo says:

      pretty nice … thanks

      p.s locally installed WP won’t give you the Full cabability to test how comments would work or how it would handle you Database !

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