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    Predict Future Page Rank (PR) of any Website

    Lot of webmasters are very much interested to get a page rank(PR) for their website(if they don’t have PR) or want to increase their page rank(if they have already have).

    NiharsWorld has got page rank 3.

    There are some sites out there which actually analyze the website and can give Predict Future Page Rank that you may get in future.

    Sounds very interesting!!!

    I am not sure how much of this is true. But if this is,then i am excited.

    Below is my Future PR:
    Predict Page Rank

    List of Websites that Predict Future Page Rank

    You can find your Current Page Rank using this link

    Some more information on Page Rank :

    Page Rank (or PR) is a tool using which a webpage is assigned a particular weightage. The weightage or the rank assigned is done using an algorithm that is based on link assessment. The link assessment algorithm is a smart algorithm that checks the key word density and the cohesiveness of the data carried by a web page. Each web page is reached using a link, and the link assessment algorithm assesses the presence of keywords that a particular hyperlink points at.

    The numeric weight-age that a web page receives is represented as page rank of the element and is abbreviated as PRE. The concept of Page rank was introduced by Google and is a very efficient way of determining the factual data a page carries.

    The page rank prediction tool or the predict pagerank tool is another smart program that can provide a rough estimate of the page rank that a web page can actually reach. The page rank predictor can be used to judge the cohesiveness of the data and actually foresee the standings and ranking a web page is capable of reaching.

    Future PR of a web page can be known by providing the uniform resource locator better known as URL, in the predict page rank tool. These tools are mostly available online and have a potential of precisely determining the page rank that a particular web link can reach.

    Page rank predictor tool is mostly used by the search engine optimizers to get an idea of the future ranking of their web page. By getting the future rankings of a web page the SEO can manipulate and re arrange the data and the back links present in a web site, so that the ranking is further improved. To predict page rank, the page rank prediction tool works as really smart way to ameliorate the page ranking of any web page.

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    1. Some people told me not to believe in those prediction as they are nowhere accurate. Mine was supposed to be PR5 on the last update, but it is still 1 now lol

    2. Nihar says:

      Yes michael, But if the predict PR is true then it would be great 🙂 because for this site it is showing 5 as Future PR

    3. Rohit says:

      Blogosolute.com predicted to have PR4 in near future.

    4. CricketGod says:

      wow! Hope you get it. But it crap. It shows mine website shows pr 6

    5. ameo says:

      loved this tool , pretty good and will actually give some people little hope

    6. Steve Yu says:

      My blog still with PR 0, hope will get better PR on next Google PR update. Anyone knows when?

    7. Yes offcourse your future PR would be 5,and I guarantee…if you keep posting consistently,bro…

    8. Is it true that the next update is imminent? I hope I could get some ‘green’ on the next one.


    9. Nihar says:


      I think there is a update soon by google for page rank,

      @pandu, Hope your point comes true and i get page rank 5 🙂

      @Steve, don’t worry you will get a good PR if you keep posting like now.

      @Hitesh, Yes hope i get the predicted PR

    10. It looks like it since everyone is talking about it.. Keeping my fingers crossed at the moment..


    11. Anurag says:

      NIce Post….
      I Hope This Really Works…
      Congrats Man You Are Going To Get PR 5 Soon…..


    12. Nihar says:

      If the prediction is correct then it would be great.

    13. Abhishek says:

      I tried lots of PR predictors but some said un-predictable.
      Some said 10 hardly Ezer said 3

    14. Nihar says:

      @Abhishek, Can you give me PR Predictors you used?

    15. After all the posting I’ve been doing, this website still predict my future PR to be 0. Hard to believe.

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