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    Test your website/blog in different browsers

    I know lot of bloggers like me and website owners are concerned about one thing that is…

    Is the website compatible on different browsers?

    Whenever a webmaster changes the website design or theme or tinker with CSS code. The only question that comes to the mind is the above question.

    There are lot of browsers and every one uses the browser they like. As a webmaster, you don’t want the visitor to see a crappy web design. You want to make sure that your website or blog layout is consistent on all browsers.

    I found one website BrowserShots.

    Using this website you can type in your website url and select any browser of your choice to check how your website design looks.

    It is a very useful tool to check and make sure that your website is consistent in most of the popular browsers.

    How it BrowserShots works?

    1. Type in your website url
    2. Select the browsers for which you want to check (i selected firefox 3, IE 7.0 and Opera 9.51
    3. It will prepare the screenshot (note: takes some time to generate the screenshots)

    You are almost done. After the screenshots are generated you will know if your website design or layout is breaking in any browser or not?

    If your website layout is breaking then try to find out the problem and fix it.

    I have tested my website on firefox, IE and opera…

    Hope you found this post helpful. If you have any suggestions or feedback. Drop in a comment.

    Test your website now BrowserShots

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    1. Van says:

      I have tested this website, it’s very cool!!

      Thank you for your info.

    2. Paul says:

      BrowserShots is a great site. You’d be surprised to find what parts of your layout don’t actually work. One thing I did was I looked at my Google Analytics to see what browsers and operating systems readers were actually using, then I tested my layout with those.

    3. Nihar says:

      @van and @paul, yes it is a very good tool to use…

    4. Anurag says:

      Nice POst…
      Really Helpful Website..

    5. Fahad says:

      I never knew this sort of a tool existed.
      I recently made a couple of wordpress themes and had to test them out on different browsers and it was a pain to download all the different browsers and test on them.

      This tool will surely save a lot of time for many web designers!

    6. Nihar says:

      @Anurag, thanks

      @Fahad, Its a very good tool and a must for webmaster.

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