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    ViralBlogAds – Make Money Online with 125X125 ad slots!

    Monetize your blog with 125X125 ViralBlogAds

    ViralBlogAds is a new banner advertising network that has come up. It is very easy to join. It took me just 5 minutes to get registered, activated and also placed the ViralBlogAds 125X125 two ad slots on sidebar.

    You can monetize your blog by placing 125X125 banner ads. Your accounts get credited when someone clicks on the ad(which is similar to google adsense or any other CPC networks).

    More details about ViralBlogAds :

    • Free Ad Exchange : You can add up to 3 free ads to exchange with other users
    • Displays only Image Ads. Ad Size are two types: 125X125 and 468X60 (banner size)
    • You get paid if someone clicks on the banner
    • Once someone has signed up through your referral link, you will automatically receive 15% of their ad publishing earnings, for life
    • Payout will be via PayPal

    REFERRAL COMMISIONViralBlogAds is giving each approved Publisher who refers another Publishers 15% for life of all referral earnings. It’s not just a one-time referral payment. I think you should not miss this chance. Cool!

    Banner Ad exchange – This is a cool feature. You can put 3(max) banners of your sites or blogs to be displayed on another VBA Publisher sites just in case there are no available advertisers on certain slots. Also, VBA is sponsoring a Pre-Launch Contest starting September 1, 2008. All you have to do is to signup as Publisher, and achieve a click through rate of 0.2% or better, and you stand to win USD100.00 or more. Better check out the Pre-Launch Contest Information for more details.

    I have configured ViralBlogAds to display two 125X125 ads on a single row.

    Register for ViralBlogAds now before you are left behind and start making money from your 125Γ—125 ad slots

    I think you are in this program πŸ™‚

    You may also like to join other 125X125 Advertising network. Check this out Performancing Ads

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    1. Pras says:

      Now a days 125×125 ads are becoming a standard in the blogosphere. But, I think CPM works better for these ads instead of CPC. BTW, what is the average CPC for these ads?. Any idea?

    2. Nihar says:


      Do you know any CPM network that is easy to join. let me know.

      Not sure about the CPC as i have put the ads few hours back.

    3. Eliot says:

      I doubt that the average CPC is that high for that ads… One cause could be the design of some banners. Some of them look quite crappy…

    4. iCalvyn says:

      i am using buysellads, so far no buyer… might change it already

    5. Nihar says:

      @Eliot, I haven’t even got a single click till now. so, don’t know what is the amount they will pay for clicks

      @iCalvyn, Will be glad if you join from this page.

    6. If you have thousands of visitors a day, then CPM based is good. But if you only have less than a 1000 a day.. I guess you have to go for CPC πŸ™

    7. Chetan says:

      Yes, CPM ads are Good only if you have lots of visits, but for blogs with low traffic, these ads will pay a lot

    8. If you don’t have a lot of traffic but want to make some money with your blogs PayPerPost is an interesting model where you’ll get paid by them to post commercial ads within your blog. It pays about $5 per post which isn’t huge but probably more than a lot of hobbyist bloggers are making on a daily basis.

      Pulse360 also has blog friendly ads.

    9. Chetan says:

      Though the payper post is good way, but too much paid posts on your blogs may make your blog out of google index !!
      so be carefull

    10. Nihar says:

      @Mike, You are right. right now my impressions are less thatn 1000 πŸ™

      @chetan, Yep you are right and thanks for giving opinion to Micheal..

    11. Squeaky says:

      I have tried ViralBlog Ads and a couple of other ones like it. I haven’t had any luck selling the banner ads at all. It is very weird, but the only thing that makes me money on my blog, is Adsense. And, that does really well for me, but I am unsure why that is.

    12. Nihar says:

      @Squeaky, thanks for the comment. I am reminded that i should remove viral blogs because, i haven’t earned a single penny till now

    13. Mira says:

      Thats something really interesting but is viralblogads is still alive,I have some confusion on it.

    14. amit says:

      Used but not effective..

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