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    How to Hide Files & Folders, Password Protect – My Lockbox

    If you have a file or set of files in a folder and you want to it to be hidden or password protect it. Is that possible in Windows?.

    Yes it is possible with My Lockbox tool.

    It gives double protection to your files by first password protecting it then hide it too.

    My Lockbox is a security software that enables you to password protect any folder on your computer and then hide it from any user or application of your system, which includes System Administrator too!

    Nice interface!

    Nice interface!

    This app is free and very easy to use. It provides best password protection of files that it is impossible to access the lockbox from a local computer, or from the online.

    The interface is simple. You can you can easily change the basic lockbox parameters like lockbox location, protection status and password. For those who don’t like the default skin can even change the skin and change it to whatever skinned UI you like.

    This program is very effective, easy to use and best of all – it’s free. Give it a try from the link below!
    Download My Lockbox

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    1. Dennis Edell says:

      I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for popping over to my place; I hope to see you around more often.

      I just subscribed..you got some nice stuff here. πŸ˜‰

    2. Nihar says:

      @Arun, Yeah try it. it is a very good tiny tool


      Thanks for dropping by and also for subscribing.

    3. Harvey says:

      This seems like a useful little tool. I think the security on my home network can do with a little improvement. I read a story the other day about a guy that had his PC fixed and they replaced his drive. They then repaired the drive and sold it to someone else and all his bank details where on there. So protecting your files is a good idea.

    4. Dennis Edell says:

      You’re welcome, I look forward to reading more great stuff! πŸ™‚

    5. Nihar says:

      @Harvey, oh god. It is always good to have this kind of tools at home also.

      @Dennis, Thanks. i will also read stuff on your site!

    6. Pavan Kumar says:

      Definitely useful when you are on a pc which is shared between different people… But no probs for me… I don’t even share my pc, I don’t even have anything to be protected. My mozilla password has been protected with master password. No probs at all.. Good share, many people search for such tools…

    7. Nice software, been using it since long time

    8. Dennis Edell says:

      Thanks Nihar, lookin’ forward to it!

    9. Nihar says:

      @Pavan, Yeah i agree, it the PC is shared then the utility is a must.

      @Madhur, Nice to see you here.

    10. G Web says:

      Great application, have downloaded and will install it later. Now I can have my important docs secure from curious eyes. I usually keep copies of my policies, bank statements, payslips, etc in a doc called “my private docs” and it used to stress me a lot that I couldn’t lock this folder from people who tend to continue using my laptop when I’m not busy with it. Thank you for the info and download link.

    11. johnny says:

      This is also free program, what I use: http://virtual-protect.com

      It locks and hides any folders!

    12. Work At Home says:

      Looks good to me. I always wanted to lock my private files. Usually, I will make it hidden in some windows directory. This tool gives more space to me. Great tool you share here.

    13. Nihar says:

      @G Web, you are most welcome

      @johny, Thanks for mentioning a new tool

      @Work At Home, Thanks.

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