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    November 2008 Blog Traffic & Income statistics

    NiharsWorld November 2008 Statistics

    NiharsWorld November 2008 Stat is less compared to October 🙁

    Here is November 2008 Monthly Statistics and Earnings of this blog!.

    Following is November 2008 Statistics: 104,515 Visits, 229,856 Pageviews

    • Search Engines – 85,294 (81.61%) visits
    • Referring Sites – 7,401 (7.08%) visits
    • Direct Traffic – 11,820 (11.31%) visits

    Traffic in November is less compared to October.

    Referring Sites traffic breakdown (Top 3):

    1. StumbleUpon – 1,984 visits
    2. Digg – 596 visits
    3. Entrecard – 401 visits

    This month Referring Sites is 7.08% of whole traffic, last month it was 21.67%. The decrease in Referring sites is because, I didn’t get enough traffic from Stumble upon traffic. From the above you can I am still doing very bad in Referring Sites. Need to get lot of backlinks and also improve social bookmarking websites.

    The Search Engine traffic is 81.61% of whole traffic which is very good.

    Money made on this blog for November 2008 : 457.63$

    1. Google Adsense : 423.54$
    2. Kontera : 14.09$
    3. ProjectWonderful : 10.00$
    4. Axill Ads : 10.00$

    Things happened on this blog in November 2008 :

    1. I am busy now a days. Due to this, i published only one “Friday Night Links party” 🙁 , I know it is bad on my part, there are lot of readers who were expecting this post. I promise i will again start it this month.

      Don’t know what is “Friday Night Links party” ??. It is a Party where drinks links are served. In September, I organized four Links party . Check Friday Night Links Party

    Few posts of November 2008:

    1. How to Hide Files & Folders, Password Protect – My Lockbox
    2. Dostana Movie Review
    3. Gmail can be skinned with colors and themes!
    4. Learn CSS by reading this Book. Download It Free!

    Any suggestions are welcome. Leave a comment.

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    1. chethan says:

      Must say those stats are pretty impressive. They are 3 times more than i generate on my blog. But I feel you must look into more referring sites. I get most of my traffic from stumble reddit and mixx so i feel you can make more out of them.. but your overall stats are far better than mine. .

    2. Paul says:

      I see you’ve changed your anti-spam method. Any reason for this?

    3. Dennis Edell says:

      Impressive overall; don’t let a dip here and there get ya down. 😉

    4. Referring Traffic? Boooo…search engines traffic FTW! 😀

      Don’t think you can get that many $$ with just referring sites alone. It’s all about organic traffic that converts to cash hehe

    5. Atniz says:

      Good traffic from search engine. I’m sure you have get a lot of SEO things done for your blog. Good adsense income too. I could only dream to get that much of income for my blog. Hope to get this kind of search engine traffic to my site too. Any tips?

    6. Nihar says:

      @Chethan, thanks. Any tips for increasing referral traffic?

      @Paul, The previous anti-spam method was creating a validation problem from IE browser. If a visitor entered valid email id. The anti-spam plugin was generating invalid email id entered error. This is the reason i removed it.

      @Dennis, Thanks.

      @Mike, I know that i won’t get good $$ for referring traffic. But referring traffic also makes me happy. In that front i am not happy.

    7. Arun says:

      Impressive stats buddy! Congrats…

    8. Pavan Kumar says:

      Little bit less compared to your last month stats, but not a problem, still your stats are great 🙂

    9. Vikram says:

      Cool stats man, i think it will take an year for me to get close to such stats

    10. Impressive Adsense earnings. SEO really makes a big difference in this I guess. Great choice of keywords to target which brings you over 80,000 visitors. All the best in this month of December.

      Wei Liang

    11. Ben Pei says:

      Hey.. I do agree! the adsense earning is good especially during recent days.

    12. Hiya Nihar, I found your blog via Ben Peis blog. I must say your stats are pretty impressive indeed! You got a great Alexa ranking but 10,000 backlinks is maybe on the low side. I’m giving you some StumbleUpon link love as we’re speaking. Enjoy!

    13. Nihar says:

      @Pavan, Yes the stats are less compared to last month.

      @Ajay, Thanks

      @Vikram, Just keep posting good content. you will achieve this sooner

      @Wei Liang, Thank you very much. but till now the traffic is very less in December 🙁

      @Ben Pei, @Deca ,Thanks

      @Jaques Seoman, Nice to see you here. I will visit your blog as well. You are right. i have less number of backlinks. Thank you very much for Stumbling.

    14. Steve Yu says:

      Wow, your blog received quite impressive organic traffic. Keep up the great work.

    15. Nihar says:

      @Steve, Happy to see you after a long time. Will keep visiting your blog as well!

    16. Nice stats buddy.All the best for the future

    17. Very cool that you are posting your stats. Im doing the same thing. I think it helps build traffic. More people are apt to tune in often to see how you are doing and what you are doing to get those stats.

    18. Jon says:

      Wow, not too bad at all. I hope to someday have stats like yours. Your adsense is great for one month.

    19. Use Infolinks …. It will pay 3 times more than Kontera… Tested by me….

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