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    How to Open UIF Files?

    Recently, I downloaded a file with an extension .UIF. I have not encountered this extension before. I did some search and google and found about UIF extension from FileExt website. Before letting you know how to open UIF file, I would like to give you some more information about UIF File.

    UIF, or Universal Image Format, is an image format for backing up to CD/DVD. A UIF file is actually a MagicISO CD/DVD image file. To view it contents, the UIF file has to be mounted. It is an image file like ISO which is most common format.

    You will find many formats for creating images files of CD/DVDs. UIF is better than other format because of its better encryption and also has better compression.

    MagicISO is the software which can open UIF File. It is not a free software. Download a trial version. The restriction with trial version is that you can only open UIF files upto 300 MB.

    How to Open UIF Files ?

    1. Download MagicISO and Install it on your PC
    2. Open MagicISO and Click Tools menu and select Decompress UIF Image.
    3. MagicISO will now convert the UIF file to ISO format.
    4. Now use any any virtual disk manager software to mount the ISO file. I use Daemon Tools to open ISO files.

    If UIF file is more than 300 MB then, you can use this method. It is little trickier than the above method.

    Download UIF2ISO converter. With this tool you can convert UIF file to ISO.

    After converting UIF file to ISO File, use any any virtual disk manager software to mount the ISO file. I use Daemon Tools to open ISO files.

    I hope you can now open UIF Files.

    Any suggestions, Please leave comment.

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    1. Lyndi says:

      The title of this article really got me thinking when I read it in the reader. Here in my neck of the woods, ‘UIF’ is an acronym for ‘Unemployment Insurance Fund’.

    2. Ben Pei says:

      hmm.. Have not seen this extension myself either.. shouldn’t be that common..

    3. Joe says:

      I have not seen it either, but I am a noob 🙂

    4. Nihar says:

      @Lyndi, LOL. good abbreviation.

      @Ben Pei & @Joe, It will help if you happen to download it.

    5. Ben Pei says:

      Nihar.. your banner is up! Go back to the post and download it.. let me know if you like it

    6. Dennis Edell says:

      Cool stuff Nihar…it’s the uncommon stuff, that gets ya in the end. 🙂

    7. Chetan says:

      Though UIF stands for Universal Image Format, its not universal, only Magic ISO is able to open such files. Once i was stucked with UIF file which was downloaded from internet itself.

    8. Nihar says:

      @Ben Pie, Thank you very much for the banner.

      @Dennis Edell, Thanks.

      @Chetan, Yeah you are right but we can use uif2iso to convert uif file to iso then open with any virtual disk manager software.

    9. I also wasn’t familiar with the file – thanks, now I know! :o)

    10. Atniz says:

      I never come across UIF too. Brief review given about it.

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