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    December 2008 Blog Traffic & Income statistics

    NiharsWorld December 2008 Statistics

    NiharsWorld December 2008 Stat is less compared to November 🙁

    Here is December 2008 Monthly Statistics and Earnings of this blog!.

    Following is December 2008 Statistics: 59,738 Visits, 131,507 Pageviews

    • Search Engines – 41,766 (69.92%) visits
    • Direct Traffic – 14,053 (23.52%) visits
    • Referring Sites – 3,919 (6.56%) visits

    Traffic in December is less compared to November.

    Referring Sites traffic breakdown (Top 3):

    1. StumbleUpon – 570 visits
    2. Entrecard – 439 visits
    3. Mixx.com – 243 visits

    The problem on my site is Referring Sites traffic which comes to 6.56% of whole traffic, last month it was 7.08%. No big change 🙁. The decrease in Referring sites is because, I didn’t get enough traffic from Stumble upon traffic.

    The Search Engine traffic is 69.92% of whole traffic which is very good.

    Money made on this blog for December 2008

    1. Google Adsense : 194.53$
    2. Kontera : 14.09$
    3. ProjectWonderful : 9.50$
    4. Axill Ads : 6.77$

    Total money made : 224.89$

    Things happened on this blog in December 2008 :

    1. NiharsWorld completed 1 Year!
    2. I am busy now a days. Due to this, i published only one “Friday Night Links party”, I know it is bad on my part, there are lot of readers who were expecting this post. I promise i will post it regularly from this new year.

      Don’t know what is “Friday Night Links party” ??. It is a Party where drinks links are served. In September, I organized four Links party . Check Friday Night Links Party

    Few posts highlights of December 2008:

    1. How to Open UIF Files?
    2. How to Protect your blog content from getting copied
    3. How to implement Threaded Comments in WordPress Themes

    Any suggestions are welcome. Leave a comment.

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    1. Wow $200 from AdSense O_o I’m so jealous

    2. Chetan says:

      Google adsense !! ! 194.53$ !!!
      This is really huge amount.
      Whats your UV/Day ?

    3. binaryday says:

      Awesome traffic stats. But that is less than 1.5$ eCPM for adsense. You must do something.

      I would have started by replacing that search box with a adsense for search box. Sometimes simply making some change to the color and placement of the adsense block helps.

      Hope you do not take offence at my unsolicited advice.

    4. Read 2 Know says:

      Mama… wht r u doing with your income??? 🙂

    5. Dennis Edell says:

      It just gets better, good job my friend. 😉

    6. Shirley says:

      Nice traffic stats, but somehow, I feel that your conversions could be a bit higher. Although, I haven’t done much work with adsense, I have achieved greater commissions on websites with poor traffic by using relevant affiliate ads…

      Thanks for publishing your stats. And you’ll definitely have more success this year as your traffic continues to increase.

      Good luck.

    7. Congratulations on the traffic figures Nihar. Moneywise, though, I thought it doesn’t reflect the potential that the above mentioned traffic can generate. I would expect $750 per month 🙂

      I think the following are the main reasons for relatively low income:

      – Traffic from the US/UK is low. With lot of traffic from India and S.Africa, AdSense earnings per click will be very less even with a good CTR
      – The project wonderful ad area can be better utilized with private ad sales (even text link ads for a month before next PR update)

      Wish you a better $ numbers next time and thanks for your participation in the DollarShower SEO Challenge. I am sure this will boost your search traffic

    8. It is really a good traffic status, and I think you can make much more money with such a huge traffic.

      My new blog earn $13.1 only, but there are very little traffic to it: only 459 visits and 1236 pages views. Detailed report is here:


    9. Hiya Nihar! I gave both this page and your home page a StumbleUpon review and tags, hope it helps your traffic a wee bit! Keep up the work buddy, it will just grow and grow!

    10. Donace says:

      That is very nice; though your stats are almost polar to mine I get 50% of my traffic from referral (about 3k per month) and 30% from Search engines.

      Would love to hear how you do it 😉

    11. Steve Yu says:

      Nice traffic as usual but the conversion to earning is lower. Maybe you can improve it. Best of luck.

    12. Raju says:

      Very impressive stats buddy 🙂 All the best!

    13. Atniz says:

      Interesting profile and complete view of 2008. Wish you could do better in 09. It is an impressive numbers plus your traffic now is below 50k Alexa.

    14. Really impressive – I’m rather new to all this, but it certainly gives an incentive!

    15. I am amazed by your traffic figures. Its huge man and I am actually surprised that your are not been recognized as one of the top bloggers around. Good luck with your journey mate 🙂

      I just hope that you increase your monetization potential, since you can earn big with that stats.

    16. The earnings was way lower than your November 2008 earnings but its alright because you are in the $200 level. Congratulations again..

    17. Jahnson says:

      the economy goes in the entire world downhill, the business however flourished and wins each day new customers in addition, I can now also understand why

    18. Atul says:

      Hi Nihar

      Can u provide me some gud tips for marketing of my blog.
      Within such a short period, u have an impressive Alexa Ranking. only earnings are less hope to increase taht soon…

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