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    How to Launch Multiple Apps with a Single Click – Lacuna Launcher

    I think most of you do the same as me. After i boot my PC, I always launch a set of applications. But opening one by one will be a slow process. What if you wish to launch all applications at one go with a single click?

    Lacuna Launcher is the free program that allows you to open any number of applications or files with a single click. This can be done by putting all list of files you want to open in a file called “list.txt” which comes with this utility. Lacuna Launcher will then read the list.txt file and start opening all the applications listed in it. The list in the list.txt can include applications (.exe), shortcuts (.lnk), Internet shortcuts (.url), images, music, movies, anything that is a file on your system that you wish to open.

    List.txt containing apps that i launch with single click

    List.txt containing apps that i launch with single click

    The utility does not require any installation. It includes a list.txt file where the list of applications to be launched are written. You have to give the complete path of the file to be launched one application per line. When you want to open the applications, double click the file named II.exe included in the zip file.

    You can also use command line parameters to have more control on the way you want to launch the applications. You can even set the delay and timing of the launches and can also include a small break after every launch.

    It is a great utility which can help you. It is a freeware and works in Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP.

    Download Lacuna Launcher


    What do you think about this little app? I appreciate your input. Do you know any other app or tool that can be better than this? Share your thoughts

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    1. Emily posa says:

      Looks like a great app. Looking forward to use it.

    2. Sjeltur says:

      Does it also open the applications in the same order as you would put it in the txt file..??

      Seems like a nice one.

    3. Read 2 Know says:

      I will definitely use this in my office. I will at least try!

    4. i have not heard about this software so far.It will be very useful for me and ll download.

    5. Wade Briggs says:

      Genius, I’m downloading this now. I hate the slow @$$ process of starting up my core apps after startup just like you mentioned. hah

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