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    January 2009 Blog Traffic & Income statistics

    NiharsWorld January 2009 Stats is better compared to December..

    NiharsWorld January 2009 Stats is better compared to December..

    Here is January 2009 Monthly Statistics and Earnings of this blog.

    Following is January 2009 Statistics: 67,542 Visits, 151,791 Pageviews

    • Search Engines – 55,007 (81.44%) visits
    • Direct Traffic – 8,382 (12.41%) visits
    • Referring Sites – 4,153 (6.15%) visits

    Referring Sites traffic breakdown (Top 3):

    1. StumbleUpon – 320 visits
    2. Entrecard – 181 visits
    3. Mixx.com – 77 visits

    The problem on my site is Referring Sites traffic which comes to 6.15% of whole traffic, last month it was 6.56%. No big change 🙁. The decrease in Referring sites is because I didn’t get enough traffic from Stumble upon traffic.

    The Search Engine traffic is 81.44 which is very good and it also beat the December 2008 Search Engine traffic 69.92%.

    Money made on this blog for January 2009

    1. Google Adsense : 208.68$
    2. Kontera : $17.07$
    3. Private Advertising : 10.00$
    4. ProjectWonderful : 4.50$
    5. Axill Ads : 7.00$

    Total money made : 247.25$

    Things happened on this blog in January 2009 :

    1. I got first private advertiser. The advertiser paid 10$/month for 125X125 Ad spot on the sidebar.

      If anyone of them interested, Fill Ad Purchase Form

    2. I managed to publish two “Friday Night Links party”. Hope to increase the frequency to 4.

      Don’t know what is “Friday Night Links party” ??. It is a Party where drinks links are served. In September, I organized four Links party . Check Friday Night Links Party

    Few posts highlights of January 2009:

    1. How to Add categories to Nav Bar
    2. How to add Comment Link in Single Post – WordPress
    3. Browser stops working after starting uTorrent client
    4. How to Add WordPress pages to Nav Bar

    Any suggestions are welcome. Leave a comment.

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    1. Read 2 Know says:

      Your stats are too impressive for someone like me! Hope I will reach you! 🙂

    2. binaryday says:

      There you go man. Impressive traffic numbers there. just included your earnings number into my earnings report http://binaryday.com/2009/02/02/consolidated-earnings-reports-for-january-2009/

    3. Donace says:

      Nice man; some major spikes in the last week of Jan; lets hope you up it again next month!

    4. binaryday says:

      Nihar, I think you should stop creating content for somedays and focus exclusively on increasing earnings. With that sort of pageviews, you should be earning in 4 figures man.

    5. Steve Yu says:

      Wow, you received more and more traffic from the search engine. Congrat! My blog also lack of traffic from Social Bookmarking sites.

      • Nihar says:

        @Steve, I think you have also good traffic from search engine. Am i right? But some how i need to find the readers who get interested and also link my post and get lots of linkbacks and there by get referral traffic.

    6. Congrats on the first private ad sale and also marginal increase in AdSense. I guess, you will make more this month due to the packed cricket schedule 🙂

      Btw, is Kontera really the thing to go for? I mean, one needs to wait for six months to get a $100 check (same with Infolinks) and I am not sure if it is worth that wait – esp at the risk of misleading users and sometimes even damaging the content style.

      • Nihar says:

        @Ajith, Thanks for wishing. I am happy that i got the first private ad sale.

        You are right. hope to get more traffic and earn due to Cricket 🙂

        I think you got some wrong info. I get the payment as soon as i cross 100$ in kontera. They payment is Net30 days. I joined Infolinks yesterday. Need to check how it works.

        I would like you to suggest me some CPM network which is easy to join. I want to also earn on this massive traffic for this month. Let me know.

    7. Paul says:

      Definitely a solid month. Congrats!

    8. Kunal says:


      Impressive stats, jsut one thing about the money youearn from the blog. Just how do u manage to keep the site updated? It must be pain stickingly difficult.. I wish i couldinspire myself to keep make one too..


    9. Dude, you have a ridiculous amount of traffic. You need to work on flipping that traffic into some actual money. Stop working on building a ton of content and traffic. I’ve been able to make $200/month on less than 10k visitors a month. Conversion is key. Keep on truckin.

    10. Wow you managed to get 417 from kontera? Thats kinda impressive..


    11. Raju says:

      whoa!! 81% is awesome!! I can see some major spikes towards the last week !! LOST? 😉

    12. Nihar says:

      @Paul, Thanks

      @Kunal, Nice to see you around. thanks man. Are you watching the matches? Well it takes nice effort to manage the site. keep thinking and keep changing and also improve the knowledge on how to get in more readers.

      @Epiphone Electric Guitars, I know i have to somehow increase my earnings. I welcome those who have some free tips.

      @Make Money Online, I think you didn’t check properly. it is not 417. it is 17$.

    13. Great Stats buddy. I think you should do some experiments with your adsense placements and colors and see which one works best for you. Why dont you give Burst Network a try ?

    14. Getting better and better each month! You should be grateful! 🙂

    15. Hi Nihar……Amazed to see ur achievments in blogging world ….keep it up….well I am goin to dubai for few days will catch u arnd aftr coming back……..

    16. Yan@Review says:

      What’s up, Nihar? Pretty nice stats you have it. Congrats on first advertiser.


    17. 2200 visitors a day on average is quite impressive. Congrats and keep up the great work!


    18. TechZoomIn says:

      Great that you made $200+ from adsense.Nihar since you had 1 lack+ page views monthly..I think you’re eligible to get access to adsense API.

      You double or even trible by using API.

    19. muri says:

      Congratulations to you nihar,I am new comentator of this blog and find regain my passion to focus back into my blog,however I am learning now the entry SEO level with your confession here,I am sure I can lie my live at the future completely from my blog alone ,just what you have preformed here

    20. Nihar says:

      @Matt, Thanks. yeah its great but need to get consistently every day.

      @TechZoomIn, Hey do you know how to get that access to special API?

      @Muri, Great to see you here. I hope you start doing well.

    21. Nirmal says:

      I’ve become a loyal of your blog Nihar . keep up the gud work.


    22. Hi Nihar, Cool stats, all the Best. hope You achieve a lot more success than Now in Near future 🙂

    23. Jaq Seoman says:

      Your traffic stats sure are looking impressive. Your search engine traffic, what keywords are the most popular?

    24. Gennice says:

      Wow, with this traffic you could earn much much more! Excellent blog btw. I subscribed to your RSS and will keep coming. And don’t worry, as long as you have 80%+ traffic from search engines, you’re getting more income.

      I wouldn’t worry about referral traffic at all if I had so much from Search Engines.

      StumbleUpon and Digg traffic doesn’t convert good – bounce rate is too big. Organic searches convert greatly into clicks, so keep up the good work and you’ll earn much more very very soon. I’m really glad for your success.


    25. techknowl says:

      Hey , How is your earnings with infolinks ?? You might have surprised!! With this traffic , you could at least make 50$ with infolinks ..But Kontera’s terms won’t allow us to put both on same page . So better remove Kontera and place infolinks ..

    26. Shirley says:

      Pretty nice traffic stats – apparently Google loves this website – and congrats on your first private advertiser. 😉

    27. Paulo says:

      Wow! You got a very nice traffic and earning stats. Hope I could get like that as well. 🙂

    28. OnlyDev says:

      No offense but that revenue is pretty bad for the amount of traffic you are getting. Maybe try doing some affiliate marketing?

    29. I was so impressed on your blog ADSENSE earnings. I dont know how you do it. My blog can’t even reach 10$. I hope you can share me some of your secrets or some methods you use.

    30. how to write good says:

      hey congrats on your adsense income! I’ve been trying to earn from adsense too, but the most i got was $13. I only received my Google Pin Card 2 weeks ago! Any tips? 🙂

    31. Atul says:

      Hi Nihar

      with such a no of pageviews, ur earnings are very less dear

    32. Anish k.S says:

      I think now you are turning to infolinks.

      Is it better than kontera.
      .-= Anish k.S´s last blog ..Kangana Ranaut & Janardhan Baba With Salman Khan on 10 Ka Dum =-.

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