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    Muziic – New Music Player for YouTube

    Muziic is a new Music Player developed by David Nelson and Mark Nelson. David is just 15 years old and Mark Nelson is his father.

    You may be thinking So what? There are a lot of Music Player software on the Web.

    Before you start thinking, let me tell you that this is different from other usual Music Players.

    As you all know, YouTube is a free website where you can upload, share and view videos. This Music Player can listen to the audio of any YouTube video you want. Isn’t it great? Whenever i want to hear to some songs, i go to YouTube and type the song name and listen to the song. I don’t watch it.

    But using this music player you don’t have to browse through YouTube web-site. You can just select any song of your choice and listen it.

    Muziic is a music player and converter.

    Listen Music of Youtube Videos in Muziic  (Credit: CBS Interactive)

    Listen Music of Youtube Videos in Muziic (Credit: CBS Interactive)

    You can even create playlists of streaming-audio files from YouTube.

    Wait… Does Muziic violate You Tube terms of use? Even i am not sure. I think there are lot of opinions floating around on the web.

    Muziic Player is available for free Download at Download.com

    I have downloaded and installed it. When you start Muziic player, it is slow because it connects to the YouTube service. There is a search box where you can search for any songs or any video. After it list out the results, just click on the plus sign next to songs that are displayed.

    There are controls like any other music player. With those controls you can stop, play, pause, skip to next or previous songs. There is also a Playlist feature. You can save the playlist for future use.

    I liked it very much. It works well but takes some memory. You need not bother if you have enough memory.

    As i mentioned above, Muziic Player has also got a converter/encoder. You can convert the files and save it as MP3 File.

    Hope you like it.

    Try it and let me know your take on this new Music player for Youtube.

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    1. Raju says:

      This is really a useful tool for many of us who prefer to listen to songs while working or doing something else. Thanks for the info!

    2. Abhishek says:

      It seem kool !! will soon review once tried !! thanks for share !!

    3. sam says:

      i just wand to say some thing. ” Grate Job ”

      check http://www.youtubeddl.com for download videos from youtube in any format from youtube

    4. Jaq Seoman says:

      Nice father and son combo project! Great angle, but what about the copyright issues with music on YouTube? or is this more geared at emerging bands releasing their videos and the like on YouTube?

    5. Nihar says:

      @Raju, you are exactly right.

      @Abhishek, I will wait for your review too!

      @youtube downloader, yeah it is good.

      @Sam, Thanks for the link.

      @Jaq Seoman, Yeah not sure. We may find out soon on copyright issues.

    6. Wow, will download this one. I do have audio converter in my PC. I will try this one if this FREE software outsmart the one I am using right now. Great tool and a nice review by the way. Sir Nihar, you are really giving me nice FREE tools. Thanks!

    7. Sanjay says:

      WOW That’s a great way for keeping your boredom away. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Just amazing!

    8. Vijay Satti says:

      Wow! i will download it real soon.


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