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    I Want to Change My Blog Theme. Any Suggestions?

    Guys, This blog has been dressed up with two themes before. CopyBlogger Theme with Three Columns from the inception of this blog way back in December 2007 to May 2008 (6 months) and WP Premium Theme(current one) From May 2008 to till Date.

    I have done lots of tinkering to this theme from Increasing the Sidebar Width, CSS Changes, Implementing Rounded Boxes in Sidebar and lots of other stuff. I am now looking for a new look. I am now bored of this old look 🙂

    I would like you all readers/bloggers to pour in with your suggestions on Themes that i should try.

    The new WordPress theme should have following features

    1. SEO supported
    2. Two sidebars on right side
    3. Should fit 125X125 3 ads on the sidebar at the top
    4. Each sidebar should be 160px minimum
    5. Adsense support with HIGH CTR 🙂
    6. Other stuff…

    I hope you guys can refer me Nice Impressive Free Theme/Premium Theme which is a bit cheap.

    Hope to see lot of suggestions.

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    1. What I would say Nihar is save up some revenue and grab a custom theme; marking it as your own and giving your blog its own unique look.

    2. Lyndi says:

      I will keep my eyes open when I surf the Net. Off-hand I do not know of anything that will be right for you. You blog in very definite categories and these categories are quite varied. Maybe you should have a look at the magazine style themes as well.

    3. Sire says:

      Hi Nihar, looks like comments are on once again. As I was saying the Theme I am using is very configurable, so much so that you can make your blog look any particular way you want an all without touching the code. You can have 1 sidebar or two. You can change your header, color of your font or you links or your total theme. I use it for all my blogs. You can even save the setup as a CSV file so that you can import it in case things get screwed up.

      I use a test blog to play around with the way I want the blog to look. I used it to make a Easter Theme. I then saved it as a CSV file which I uploaded to my blog. When Easter was over I reverted to my normal theme with a click of the mouse, or maybe it was two clicks 😉

    4. Do you want a free or a premium theme? Look through these free themes, maybe you’ll find the right one for you there. http://www.wpdaddy.com

    5. Tech @ InkAPoint says:


      I will come with a perfect theme for u.

    6. Kikolani says:

      I’m using the Arthemia theme, which is pretty easy to customize and work with, if you like playing in all of the html/css/php coding. I also just downloaded the Thesis theme, which is $87. Supposed to be the best thing on the market for WordPress, but for me, it’s a nightmare because it wants you to use “hooks” and doesn’t allow you into the coding on the individual template files. But it is great for those who just want to setup a few options through the admin panel and go from there. Lots of the bigtime bloggers user it.

      ~ Kristi

    7. I have seen you are struggling with a problem of High Traffic but low AdSense Earning ( Thru your monthly reports) TRY THESIS it has been built keeping in Mind SEO and AdSense Readiness. It can do wonders for you i guess.

    8. venkat says:

      Hoping your new wordpress theme will be nice,as I have no idea on these

    9. Well as you are fully aware of my blog, it’s using Arthemia Premium, Nihar (my review on Arthemia Premium here) but I guess you need to browse for a theme that you like.

      I think it’s the most important. It gives you the good feeling when you look at your blog and motivates you in a way 🙂

    10. Harshad says:

      LOL I just suggested you to change the theme in earnings post and you wrote this post. 😛

      You should try two column themes which are working great these days. I was using lightbreaker theme earlier which gave awesome results and current thesis theme is even better in all aspects.

      When you want to choose any theme, don’t give too much attention to adsense ready, widget ready themes. You can always do these things on your own. 🙂

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