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    Google comes up with new service – Google Sidewiki

    Google has started a new service called Google Sidewiki. After looking at it, i call it as Web Annotation.

    What is Google Sidewiki

    Google Sidewiki is google’s new service which allows users to voice their opinion / views / information for any webpage they want. Lets say if i visit some website related to Swine Flu. Since, it is a well spread disease right now throughout the world you would find that a lot of people having some or the other information related to it. They all can contribute the helpful information via Google Sidewiki.

    So, if you have thousands of entries on a webpage, Google Sidewiki uses its algorithm to order the most useful, quality entries on the top.
    Google's new service - Google Sidewiki
    From Google Official Blog :

    Under the hood, we have even more technology that will take your entry about the current page and show it next to webpages that contain the same snippet of text. For example, an entry on a speech by President Obama will appear on all webpages that include the same quote. We also bring in relevant posts from blogs and other sources that talk about the current page so that you can discover their insights more easily, right next to the page they refer to.

    How to start using Google Sidewiki

    It is simple, just install Google Toolbar. Most of you already have it. If you don’t have then, download Google Toolbar and install on either Internet explorer or Firefox. After installing, just “Enable Enhanced enhancements”. You will see Google Sidewiki on the Google Toolbar.

    Google has also released 1st version of Google Sidewiki API.

    Introduction to Google Sidewiki (courtesy Google blog):

    Download Google Sidewiki

    Download Google Toolbar with Google Sidewiki

    More information on Google Blog

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    1. Thanks for the heads up regarding Google Sidewiki.

      It almost seems as though it’s trying to cutout bookmarking services like Delicious?

      I’ll still give it a try, but should be interested to see how it may affect SEO too.

    2. earningstep says:

      great.. this is pretty amazing .. google just rock

    3. Himanshu says:

      Looking very promising service, will have a try. Thanks for sharing it.

    4. This is an awesome chance. Each viewer has his own vision. One might look at a thing in a different way than another. As such many viewers may have many opinions regarding the websites they watch. And sometimes may required to gather more information . So according to my point of view this is a quite interesting and very help full chance given by the GOOGLE.
      So we INSIST on GOOGLE more

    5. PSP Go says:

      Just shows why Google is still the world’s leading search engine huh?

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