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    How to Monitor your Internet Usage | Free Utility

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    It is very important for us to check Internet Usage by tracking upload, download and speed details. It becomes more important for those who have Limited Internet Package. If not tracked then you may end up paying huge bills. To make sure that you track the daily Internet Usage and make sure you don’t cross the Bandwidth allotted by your ISP, There is Freeware utility called iTraffic Monitor and it is absolutely FREE.

    iTraffic Monitor is a network monitoring and reporting tool. It provides real time graph of network traffic. It also provides Detailed stats on daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis. It also has features like Stop watch, Session stats.

    iTrafficMonitor Features

    • Monitor and review your Internet or network bandwidth usage with ease.
    • How fast your internet connection? We can graph it for your review.
    • How much data do you transfer? We show you a real-time graph or numerical display, as well as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports.
    • Requires minimal desktop space and system resources.

    iTrafficMonitor Advanced Network Filtering

    By utilizing WinPcap, iTrafficMonitor can filter out local network traffic or traffic between specific IP addresses, this is very important for people connected to the internet via a local area network (LAN). Very few network monitors can do this, The ones that do usually cost a lot. WinPcap is part of the installation, during installation you can uncheck it and use iTraffic Monitor without it. Though you lose this ability.

    iTrafficMonitor Stop Watch

    The main graph shows you the current transfer speed. But if you need a 100% accurate measurement of the transfer speed to or from your computer, you can use the Bandwidth Stop Watch Feature. It enables you to measure bandwidth usage in a specific time interval.
    ITraffic Monitor Stopwatch

    iTrafficMonitor Session Stats

    Like the stopwatch above, We also have a separate pane that can display session stats, session stats start the moment iTraffic Monitor is started and continue until the program is closed.
    ITraffic Monitor Sessionstats

    iTrafficMonitor Main Window

    Almost every aspect of the graph can be changed, from the font, to the colors, and style. The window supports transparency and frameless for a compact view, you can also adjust the visibility of the x-axis and y-axis.
    ITraffic Monitor Main Window Graph

    iTrafficMonitor Reports

    iTrafficMonitor reports let you see exactly how much Internet traffic data that has been transferred to and from your computer. You can select to show data transfer between days, weeks, months or years. It’s also possible to export traffic reports to a spreadsheet (*.csv) compatible text file if needed.

    Overview report of iTrafficMonitor

    ITraffic Monitor Overview of Reports

    Sample of the daily view Report by iTrafficMonitor

    ITraffic Monitor Datewise Reports

    Browse Mode of iTrafficMonitor

    iTrafficMonitor browse mode lets you literally scrolls back and see a graph of the traffic that occurred minutes, even hours earlier. Ever prepare a huge download queue only to return home hours later and see it still not completed. Now you can browse your internet traffic history over the past several hours and find out exactly when it stopped and for how long.

    iTrafficMonitor Advanced / Changing Tray activity icons

    When the “Show Activity in Tray Icon” option is enabled the images will replicate windows standard network activity icons.
    These icons can be customized. Simply name them 0-4.ico and place them in your iTraffic Monitor program folder.
    Create a 16×16 pixel icon (16 or 256 color) and name it based on the chart below.

  • 0.ico = Standard icon (when show activity option is unchecked)
  • 1.ico = no activity
  • 2.ico = activity in/out
  • 3.ico = activity in
  • 4.ico = activity out
  • Alslo read about: Data Quota to monitor internet usage in Mobiles.

    Download iTraffic Monitor for FREE

    Download iTrafficMonitor : itm_setup.exeLatest version: 1.0 – 1.09 MB

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