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    Improve your computer performance by reducing the booting and starting time of the system | Download Free Soluto

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    One fine morning when you started your system with new enthusiasm to work and if it turns out that your PC is taking long time for just starting!! What will you do? most of us will simply get the frustration. Somebody will bark and scold the system. But system will won’t listen and it will do the same thing. So don’t get frustrated again, I am sharing a new freeware software for you which will decrease your system booting time and improves your system start up speed.
    slow booting time frustration

    Soluto – Anti Frustration Software, tracks each and every process that runs during the booting process. Soluto not only shows the report with processing times of all the processes that run during booting time, but also suggests and helps the user in cleaning up the unwanted process at the time of booting.

    Installation and using Soluto is simple. Just download the Free available Soluto through the download link, and double click to install the Soluto.
    Soluto Installation

    After installation is completed, restart your computer. Soluto shows the total processing time as shown below.
    Soluto Screenshot

    Soluto presents a colorful animated report, which is divided into three main areas. First area shows in gray color with required components that can’t be removed. Second area displays in orange, which shows the applications which may potentially removable and Third Green area shows the programs which can be removed easily. By seeing the report user can easily understand the programs which processes are causing booting slow and can take the right decision, which will improve the booting time and performance of the system.
    Soluto Booting time report

    Soluto displays as much as information available about the process. For example if you see the Google Chrome Browser, it shows the booting time, gives option to pause the process and provides information with graph that what others done with Google chrome browser.
    Soluto Report

    Download Soluto for FREE

    Download Soluto : solutoinstaller.exe

    Hope it helped you to make the PC boot faster.

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