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    Translate foreign words instantly into desired language using ABBYY FotoTranslate for Nokia Smartphones

    ABBYY’s one more product called – AABBYY FotoTranslate is a application allows translating words with one click – only snap text and get word-by-word translations on your screen.

    Assume that you are traveling around the world on a business trip and the language used at that place is non known to you. In that scenario, ABBYY FotoTranslate utility pitches in to help you to instantly translate foreign words on Nokia smartphones without actually entering them manually.

    Will give you one example, Lets say you are in a Metro Railway station in Germany and you would like to know the text on the billboard which in Germany. Just point your Nokia smartphone (which already has ABBYY FotoTranslate installed in it) towards that billboard take the snap and get it translated!!!

    Isn’t Great?

    ABBYY FotoTranslate or Symbian is a new application to instantly translate foreign words on Nokia smartphones without entering them manually. Just focus on the unknown word, take a picture and get its translation!

    Translate foreign words instantly into desired language using ABBYY FotoTranslate for Nokia Smartphones

    ABBYY FotoTranslate Key Features

    • Quick and accurate words translation without manually entering : ABBYY FotoTranslate allows the user to enter a word by pressing only one button once (to take a picture of the word or the phrase). So you don’t need to input unknown words manually. The use of high-quality ABBYY OCR technology greatly reduces the risk of input errors.
    • Offline work without internet or network connection : The application does not require the mobile device to be connected to the Internet or to the mobile network. The user does not use up traffic and can freely use ABBYY FotoTranslate in roaming. All the application components are installed on the device itself, which saves time and money.
    • Supports Multiple Languages : Up to 8 languages for recognition and 30 directions for translation
    • Detailed translation high-quality dictionaries : ABBYY FotoTranslate uses general-purpose modern dictionaries which give the full list of meanings. The ability to listen the native speaker’s pronunciation helps you to understand the foreign language better.
    • Multi Language Translation : You can choose up to 3 snapshot languages to translate from. It will save you from manually switching and allows you to translate phrases in different languages at the same time.

      Translate foreign words instantly into desired language using ABBYY FotoTranslate for Nokia Smartphones

    • Auto and manual corrections : If a word has been recognized but ambiguity remains (e.g. only part of the word has been photographed), the user is presented with a choice of several suggestions. User can also simply correct the word by hand.
    • User-friendly interface : Carefully thought-out GUI and intuitive menu make working with ABBYY FotoTranslate easy. The user can easily review the photo of the text and the corresponding dictionary entries. User interface is available in English, German and Russian.

    How to Translate foreign words to word in desired language using ABBYY FotoTranslate

    1. Point your camera to the sign, announcement, menu or another document so that the text lines are horizontal and parallel to the guide line.
    2. Tap the camera button on the screen of your device or standart shutter release button. Focus on the text and take a photo.
    3. Get translation of the desired word! To translate another word simply drag the frame onto it.

    ABBYY FotoTransloate Can be used at:

    • In restaurants for menu translation
    • In airports and railway stations for guide signs translation
    • In unknown places in trips for easy orientation
    • Reading books and literature for quick words translation

    ABBYY FotoTranslate System Requirements

    Operating systems: Symbian® OS S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition (v9.1/9.2/9.3/9.4).

    Memory requirements: 10 – 250 MB to store dictionary files (main memory or memory cards), 30 – 250 MB to store audio files (main memory or memory cards).

    Camera requirements: 2 mega pixels or more with autofocus.

    ABBYY FotoTranslate is compatible with the following Nokia® smartphone models:

    • Nokia E66
    • Nokia E71
    • Nokia E71x
    • Nokia E72
    • Nokia E75new!
    • Nokia E90 Communicator
    • Nokia N73
    • Nokia N78
    • Nokia N79
    • Nokia N82
    • Nokia N85
    • Nokia N86 8MP
    • Nokia N95
    • Nokia N95-3 NAM
    • Nokia N95 8GB
    • Nokia N97
    • Nokia N97 mininew!
    • Nokia 5530 XpressMusicnew!
    • Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
    • Nokia 5800 XpressMusicnew!
    • Nokia 6210 Navigator
    • Nokia 6220 classic
    • Nokia 6720 classic
    • Nokia 6710 Navigator
    • Nokia 6700 Slide
    • Nokia 6788i
    • Nokia C6-00
    • Nokia N8
    • Nokia 6788new!
    • Nokia X6new!

    Download ABBYY FotoTranslate for Nokia Smartphones Trial Version

    Download Download ABBYY FotoTranslate for Nokia Smartphones

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    1. Mike says:

      You can download more versions of ABBYY FotoTranslate and other ABBYY products for Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, iPhone, PC and Mac on ABBYY site
      A lot of free trials there 😉

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