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    Download Virtual CD 9 for FREE With Valid Genuine License Key

    I am sharing a very good Utility which is required or needed by almost all of the windows users.

    Virtual CD 9 is a powerful utility that offers users quick CD/DVD access without a physical drive. Users can use this application to virtualize their CDs, DVD, HD DVDs and Blu-ray discs by creating images of these optical media and thence accessing their data locally or over the network without using the physical medium. This application will be useful to protect and save a copy of users’ data in the event the physical optical media is damaged due to some reasons such as scratches, cracks, etc.

    Virtual CD 9 supports only Windows XP and Windows Vista. It doesn’t support Windows 7. Virtual CD 10 is compatible with Windows 7 and it costs $34.95

    Download Virtual CD 9 for FREE With Valid Genuine License Key

    Virtual CD 9 Features

    Image Creation

    1. Automated creation of images using the job function
    2. Comparison Wizard for comparing image to original
    3. Copying of templates for saving customized copying profiles
    4. Copy assistant for virtual CDs
    5. Creation of ISO-images
    6. Creation of ISO images using copy templates
    7. Incremental image creation
    8. MixedMode Virtual CD editor Direct creation of virtual CDs from any Explorer directory Free choice of names of audio tracks that are stored as files, Identification of titles, albums, interpreters of audio CDs (CDDB)
    9. Reading out geometry data for improved CD emulation
    10. Support of “Quick Copy”-files
    11. Verifyingeach sector
    12. “Automatic Copy”-mode


    1. Support of Up to 22 virtual burners for CD/DVD/BD/HD DVD
    2. Burning of virtual CDs and ISO images
    3. 1:1 copies of CDs and DVDsCreation of Smart virtual CDs on USB flash drives
    4. Creation of Smart Virtual CDs/DVDs


    1. Encryption of virtual CDs
    2. Password protection for virtual CDs
    3. Preventing unauthorized use of physical CD drives

    How to Grab FREE Virtual CD 9 with Valid Serial License Key

    1. Virtual CD 9 is given away for Free via a promotional offer by CHIP Magazine.
    2. Click on Virtual CD Promotional Offer Web Page by CHIP Magazine
    3. Fill in the name (Nachname) and email (eMail) and click on to “Weiter”.
    4. You will directed to a new page, click on the “Absenden” button.
    5. Keep checking the inbox for an email which contains the Virtual CD 9 serial license key.

    Virtual CD 9 Serial Key will be same for all the people. You can copy the key from here : VCD9-uVKw-Gu*h-@z@R-DdSz

    Download Virtual CD 9

    Download Virtual CD 9 : VirtualCD9302EG.exe

    Once installed just key in the Genuine serial license key to enjoy the full Virtual CD 9.

    via MDL

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