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    How to Respond to Internet Harassment and stalking

    The cyber world is just as fearsome as the real life. Everyone could encounter any Internet Harassment and stalking yet only a few knows how to deal with the callous manner of internet use. Everyone is indeed an internet user. Have you ever experience being flooded with unwanted mails and online messages? These are already a form of online harassmentor stalking. The effects on people may vary depending on how the victims deal with it and these effects can deal a lot of stress to people such as you.
    Everyone will not want to be a victim of such harassment of course. Despite the measures that a lot of people practice this form of harassment is still inevitable due to lack of knowledge of the correct measures and precautions. Worst is that most of the anonymous harassers are someone you do not know and may even have criminal intents.

    What Is Internet Harassment?

    It involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others. It is called as Internet Harassment or Cyber-bullying

    How to Respond - Report to Internet Harassment

    So what can we do to prevent such harassment to come?

    The most basic measure is that you have to remain anonymous whenever you go over the internet. Being anonymous prevents other people from getting your personal information. These method is proven effective, the harassers therefore knows nothing about you despite their harassing actions. Another is, maintain your personal information private and do not reveal it to anyone especially passwords of your accounts over the internet. This is very helpful for it can assure the safety of your accounts and even save you from identity theft, blackmails, and even your credit cards. So next time you encounter a subscription page that you have doubts to be safe. Do not divulge any information. If you cannot avoid the subscription just be sure to check the address and make sure you see “https”. The usual is “http” but with the “s” it is defined as a secured website, therefore, all information are secured.

    The main deal here in the avoidance of online harassment is always being private. Do not share your information to anyone you don’t know. Do not share it if it is not needed. Always be assured of the people whom you are sharing your personal information and inform them to keep your information safe. Also, remember that any age group can be a target of online harassment. Children at any age group as long as they are capable of internet usage must be informed of the precautions. They must never give away their personal information and always ask guidance from their parents if ever they wish to subscribe on to something over the internet.

    You just learn about how to respond to internet harassment and if you wish to learn more about the potential threats from various types of virus or a password hacker

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    1. Nice tips.. Nihar..thanks for sharing this 🙂

    2. I have faced this many times during my early IRC chatting days. However, now immune to it. I am worried about my son though

    3. shashank says:

      This is badly needed for sulking stalkers specailly helpful post for girls!!

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