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    How to Jailbreak/Unlock Windows Phone 7 (WP7) using ChevronWP7

    I mentioned few days back that, Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak will come soon. Here it is, I have an update for you. Jailbreak for Windows 7 has arrived. All those waiting for Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak has a good news. Now they can use the tool (explained below) to Jailbreak / Unlock Windows Seven WP7 Phone and run apps with freedom.

    Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng and Chris Walsh are the three men behind to come up the jailbreak called ChevronWP7

    These 3 guys have provided an executable file that allows windows phone 7 users to unlock / jailbreak thus allowing them to install apps on Windows Phone 7 Mobile Phone without going through Microsoft’s official Windows Marketplace.

    How to Jailbreak/Unlock Windows Phone 7 (WP7) using ChevronWP7

    What you can achieve after Jailbreaking Windows Phone 7?

    Microsoft doesn’t allow any application to run except those that are found in Microsoft MarketPlace. By Jailbreaking Windows Phone 7 using ChevronWP7, Users could then install any application giving them freedom!

    Make sure you have USB port with PC / Laptop / Notebook

    How to Jailbreak / Unlock Windows Phone 7 (WP7)?

    1. Download http://walshie.me/ChevronWP7.exe and http://www.multiupload.com/4T7AYFWLSZ
    2. Connect your WP7 to the PC using USB
    3. Execute ChevronWP7 and go through all steps to Unlock Windows Phone 7

    If you have followed the above steps properly, then you are Jailbreaked Windows Phone 7!

    via TechChunks

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    1. I needed it. I need it for this too. Thank you very much.

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