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    How to Handle Customer Data Hacking

    Conducting business online has its own dangers. Your customer’s data can be hacked by cyberspace hackers. You should handle your customer data carefully because there are Data privacy protection laws which are enforced and you could end up with a lawsuit in your hands. Hence, It is crucial that you know how to handle customer data hacking. Here are some significant pointers in doing this.

    Assess your company’s transmission of customers’ data

    Identify what specific branch, procedure or step did the hacking occur. Look closely into transmission lines, firewall and virus software, credit card readers and everything that is related to the hacking. Carefully check your online data system, your website theme, webhost and domain name sources. In short, you have to check out everything in your computer and product website.
    How to Handle Customer Data Hacking

    Report the incident immediately to concerned organizations

    Federal and state laws, protect the right of the customer for data privacy protection. If you think you customer data has been hacked, assume that it can be committed by person/s within the company. You can report this to the US Secret Service Financial Crimes or similar companies within your country. Be prepared to cooperate with them and provide the necessary information to facilitate the process.

    Inform customers that data hacking occurred and that their personal data may be compromised

    When fraud or hacking has been confirmed positively, then you should inform your customers. This would allow them time to alert their banks for precautionary measures. This will also allow them to change passwords to online accounts or websites that they have signed up with. Set up a toll free number that they can call to ask questions. Since it is your company which is responsible for the fiasco, offer sincere apologies and do something about it. You may end up in jail and be paying fines for the damages.

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    Investigate discreetly your own employees or staff

    You should assume first that it is an inside job. Investigating your personnel discreetly may lead to the culprit. Be cautious and judicious of the methods to employ with your employees. You do not want to accuse wrongly innocent people of the crime. Investigate everyone, make no exceptions because this will show that you are not biased. You can enlist the help of a private investigator if you want to facilitate the process.

    Offer customers some alternative plans

    You can offer them a refund or some discounts on products that you have. You can also provide incentives or rewards for those who stay on. Offering a sincere explanation can alleviate some fears and apprehensions the customers might have, as well.

    Confirm the effectiveness of your data protection before re-installing

    Before substituting a new system, ensure that it is fool-proof and completely efficient. Enlist the services of legitimate and trusted sites only. If you are not sure, consult a reliable expert. It is better to be delayed in changing your system than hastening it up only to end up having a lousy and ineffective data security system.

    Here are some precautions you should consider

    Your customers have the option to file lawsuits against you and your company depending on the damage they have suffered.
    Collapse of business
    The data hacking can ruin your business unless you can atone for it significantly. Offer some good alternatives for your customers. It is better to lose some of your earnings than lose everything.
    These are important factors, pointers and precautions that you may want to adapt in handling customer data hacking. Knowing the proper things to do would help you considerably in solving the problem when you know the basics of how to handle customer data hacking.

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