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    How to Use Camfrog on Linux Ubuntu

    Camfrog, a type of webcam, is made specifically for Microsoft Windows and not for Linux Ubuntu. You can enjoy your on cam chatting experience if you are able to install your camfrog without errors.

    Here are steps on how to use camfrog on Linux ubuntu.

    Select Preferred Applications Menu

    From your “Main Menu” select your “Preferred Applications Menu” and install your camfrog. This will allow proper and reliable operation of your camfrog on your Linux Ubuntu. If it still produces an error, then proceed to the next outlined step.
    How to Use Camfrog on Linux Ubuntu

    Select Applications Menu

    Choose “Applications Menu” and then go to “Add/Remove Programs” menu. Add or install the camfrog and follow the prompts given. If it still does not work, uninstall it and then go over the procedure again.
    Installing it manually usually helps to solve the problem, especially if it produces intermittent error every time you use it. The following are also useful pointers to remember:

    • Read the instructions of your camfrog carefully before installing. There may be some modifications that you need done.
    • You should secure your camfrog password carefully. There are many users who may want to steal your identity.
    • Use the latest version, so that you can optimize the use of your camfrog. The latest versions have some great features that the old model does not have.
    • You can maximize the file limit in /etc/security/limits.conf. This will increase the speed of transmission of your camfrog.
    • You can also increase the features in your camfrog itself like the camfrog server, and camfrog interface.

    The use of camfrog on Linux Ubuntu is possible if you know how to tweak and modify some menus or applications in your computer. Learning how to do it properly is also crucial for the speed and smooth operation of your camfrog.

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    1. I am still using Windows but i will give it a shot after migrating to Ubuntu.

    2. Naufal says:

      hey bro? you installed it?? the camfrog videochtat right?

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