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    New Gingerbread API: StrictMode will speed up the task

    Android have introduced a New Gingerbread API which is called StrictMode API which helps developers to speed up by task by Monitoring tasks.

    Brad Fitzpatrick has worked on this project.
    New Gingerbread AP - StrictMode will speed up the task

    From Android Developers blog:

    StrictMode is a new API in Gingerbread which primarily lets you set a policy on a thread declaring what you’re not allowed to do on that thread, and what the penalty is if you violate the policy. Implementation-wise, this policy is simply a thread-local integer bitmask.

    By default everything is allowed and it won’t get in your way unless you want it to. The flags you can enable in the thread policy include:

    detect disk writes
    detect disk reads
    detect network usage
    on a violation: log
    on a violation: crash
    on a violation: dropbox
    on a violation: show an annoying dialog

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