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    How to Restore Deleted Contacts in Gmail

    Gmail users can Restore Contacts in Gmail. Google has rolled a feature Restore Contacts in Gmail.

    Why do you want to Restore Contacts

    What if you have accidental deleted a bunch of Contacts in Gmail or whole list of Contacts? Till now there was no option to Recover / Undelete the contacts.

    But now you can do that. Users can even set the time till when the deleted contacts can be recovered or undo them with 30 days. It means at any point of time Gmail will remember the Contacts that were deleted in the last 30 days. You can Undo and recover them anytime.

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    How to Restore Deleted Contacts in GMail

    1. Login to Gmail.com
    2. Click on Settings link (can be found on the top right corner)
    3. Go to Contacts sectionl
    4. select ““Restore contacts” in the “More actions” menu
      How to Restore Deleted Contacts in Gmail
    5. You are done. You should have recovered deleted Contacts.

    If you have made mistake in the above and want to get it back. You can again follow the above steps and restore it a state.

    Have you checked out this feature? Did you like it?

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