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    Hacked Site Notifications in Google Search

    Google has introduced a new notification in Google Search. This notification will let the users searching on Google know whether a site appearing on Google search has been compromised (hacked) or not. It will help people avoiding visiting sites that has been compromised or altered by a third party, or a spammy site. This will make the users using Google Search confident that they are ending up to a site which is safe and secure.

    Hacked Site Notification in Google Search

    According to Google WebMaster Central Blog:

    Clicking the “This site may be compromised” link brings you to an article in our Help Center which explains more about the notice. Meanwhile, clicking the result itself brings you to the target website, as expected.

    How to Handle Customer Data Hacking

    How the Website is flagged as Hacked or Compromised by Google

    Google uses automated tools to detect common indications that are shown by an compromised website. As soon as it finds something strange. It will add it the notification in the Google Search and will also notify the Webmaster using Webmaster tools account and an email is sent to the webmaster about this.

    This step by Google will help users using Google Search. It is an step which will make user more confident that they will visit good sites and not sites which are compromised.

    Check out How to Find whether Website is Hacked or Infected

    Do keep reading this blog. I will be posting more on this topic

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    1. Jagan Mangat says:

      That is new story about website and when the first time i read this line i got it funny”To Google if the site is compromised then why are you showing the bad search result to your loved users???”…..

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