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    5 Best Tech Gadgets For The New Year

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    2010 has been an exciting year for techies. The Christmas market has been dominated by technology gifts this year and the gadget lovers are already setting high expectations for 2011. A new era is about to begin with 2011 that promises to be even more exciting in terms of new technologies as well as gadget releases.

    Let us take a look at some of these rollouts in the New Year which are not yet available in the market but likely to be introduced during CES conference next week.
    5 Best Tech Gadgets For The New Year

    Top 5 Tech Gadgets for the New Year

    Nintendo 3DS

    With the Nintendo 3DS, one of the new attractions of 2011, you can experience 3D gaming without using 3D glasses. The streamed version of the Nintendo DS will be available in six augmented reality cards along with a touch pen, track pad, 2GB SD card and WiFi. The gadget will further sport gyro & motion sensors along with a 0.3 MP camera. You can download games from the 3DS Virtual Console which is also compatible with DS and DSi cartridges. It doesn’t allow children below six years to try the demo, hence is safe for small kids as well.

    iPad 2

    It is now confirmed that the latest version of iPad is soon to appear in the New Year with a front & back facing camera, a lighter and sleek body, USB ports, a newer display technology and the latest 3-axis gyroscope. Interestingly, the device may get CDMA support to open up chances for more carriers. The constant wiping of the iPad screen is something that I found quite annoying for which Apple is going to introduce a new anti-smudge treatment along with an anti-reflective coating for clear viewing in direct sunlights.

    PlayBook Tablet

    It is the first ever full-touchscreen device by RIM, the maker of BlackBerry that comes with a new operating system, dual-core process, BlackBerry business features and a number of third-party apps. Looking nicer than expected, the PlayBook is likely to give tough competition to iPad.

    Samsung Galaxy Player

    People, who want to sell mobile phone and switch over to a data-only device for communication will find a great option in Samsung Galaxy Player, one of the new releases in 2011. It is the latest personal music player launched by the mobile phone giant that comes without phone but can be exclusively used to send data via e-mails and twitters. The Android 2.2 based gadget further sports a Micro SD slot, front & back facing camera and will be available in 8GB, 16GB or 32 GB.

    O Series iPhone Dock Car Receiver

    You will be able to enjoy this new car entertainment system in the New Year that fully integrates with your iPhone. Released by Oxygen Audio, the O series line is likely to provide access to the iPhone’s complete iTunes collection, hands free calling and a number of apps such as GPS, Google maps and Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. Oxygen makes a claim that the device connected to the system will even charge the battery and enable the users to access any number of apps they like.

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