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    5 Internet Tools for Geeky Shoppers

    This is a guest post by Jessy Troy. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    The Internet is an awesome tool. Being online for more than 2 two years and earning my living here, I can’t help getting amazed at how much ingenuity is accumulated here. You can do virtually everything online, including frugal shopping.

    It’s no secret that the Internet can be used to save cash in both good times and bad. As a matter of fact, the web has become the single most popular place to get special deals, discounts and coupons. If you are looking for a way to really take advantage of this fact, here are some of the most genius online money-saving tools for geeky shoppers!

    1. City Deals

    Also for local stores, City Deals works by providing gift certificates for businesses in your city that have signed up for their service. The average discount for deals seems to be 50% – 60%, but it can be more or less depending on the place.

    This is an interesting gift idea, either by giving the certificates themselves, or using them to shop. But keep in mind most seem to be service or food certificates, so buying items for gifting might be hard in most cases.

    2. Groupon

    These sites are similar enough that I felt like I could put them together. Both are sites that you sign up for to receive a daily deal in your city. You have to sign up for both but all it takes in an email.

    Then, every day they will send you the deal of the day. You will have a certain amount of hours (usually a full day) to purchase as many of the deal are being offered from that company. The discounts can be up to 75%, and always for fantastic local companies.

    3. Coupon Sherpa

    Tired of looking for all those deals and finding out which ones are worth it by trial and error? Cut out the work and visit Coupon Sherpa, a social bookmarking site similar to Reddit that allows users to post coupons they find.

    Others will vote on them, bumping the best up to the top. There are others like it, but this has so far been my favorite.

    4. Twitter

    That’s right, that Twitter account is good for more than stalking your kids and finding out the latest from Kim Kardashian. There are many shopping sites that link through Twitter profiles, such as #shopping.

    There are also some great Twitter bots that can deliver you the greatest deals currently on the web. This social networking site is quickly becoming a shoppers paradise. Learn more about saving with Twitter here.

    5. Facebook

    Like Twitter, this is a fun way to get discounts. There are some fan groups that will offer your freebies or discounts every day. Or you can do what I do and join up with your favorite companies and local stores.

    They will often give online coupons, announcements on coming specials or promotional codes for you to use on their website. Just make sure you actually fan their pages. I have noticed that occasionally when you hit “fan” the page will stall, and while you think you left adding yourself to the page it just refreshed.

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