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    How to Increase Adsense eCPM / RMP (effective cost per thousand impressions) and CTR (Click Through Rate)

    Most of the people who own website or a blog having Google Adsense account would know a thing or two about the terms like eCPM, CTR.

    For starters, Let me first explain the terms CTR and eCPM
    How to Increase Adsense eCPM / RMP (effective cost per thousand impressions) and CTR (Click Through Rate)

    What is CTR

    CTR is Click Through Rate. It means “How many clicks per 100 impressions of ad unit”. For instance: If the CTR of a Ad Unit is 3.4%, It means that there are 3.4 clicks for every 100 ad impressions.

    What is eCPM

    In Google Adsense Blog’s words:

    Effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) is the amount of revenue you can expect to earn from AdSense for every 1000 impressions shown on your site. Since eCPM helps you measure how well your ads are performing, we often hear questions from publishers about the factors that impact this metric and how it relates to their earnings. If you’re using the new interface, you’ll see that your reports show RPM (revenue per thousand impressions); RPM is just another term for eCPM, and it’s calculated the same way, so we use these two terms interchangeably.

    Till this point, now we know what is CTR and eCPM. The rest of the post will explain How to Increase CTR and How to Increase eCPM.

    How to Increase CTR

    Well, this term is in totally our control. What i mean here is CTR can be increased by doing following things:

    1. Placing Google ads at right places where most of the visitors will get to see the most. For instance, Above fold, Just below the title of the article.
    2. Blending the Google Ad unit with your blog or website. It means using the right color combination to blend it with the site color.

    How to Increase eCPM

    This term is not totally in our control. What I mean here is eCPM is random in nature. We can’t control or do something to make it stay on the higher side. But, we can do few things like publish articles or posts with High eCPM Keywords to increase eCPM.

    Check out the video below which will introduce you to the basics of how eCPM is calculated. Going through the video will help you dissect the eCPM jargon and also try to find out ways to increase eCPM

    Understanding eCPM Video Part 1

    Part 2 Video will be included in this post as it is shared on the Adsense Blog.

    What is your take? What do you think? Can you do something to increase the eCPM? Do share your thoughts

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    1. Nihar
      This is a must post for everyone today….
      Everyone needs a high CTR.
      At last, you achieved the ways to get high CPC 🙂

      Good luck Nihar


    2. @Rahul
      I wud suggest dont go after making any site just for high ecpm.
      Concentrate on any site, which u can think that u have sound knowledge of it.

      Mobiles, Finance, Android, Tech etc. has high ecpm but if u hav eno knowledge of these fields, how u can get visitrs and what u will write?

      So, every nicheis good. Just write what u know and will get visitrs and visitrs will give u mny whetehr u have high ecpm niche or low ecpm niche


    3. Anish K.S says:

      Nice Tips Nihar. Google also interested in genuine high ctr 🙂

    4. Tilen says:

      thanks for your tips and the video. Really useful. I need to do something to increase my RPM fast! 🙂

    5. amit says:

      All basics covered nice…

    6. Geo Jolly says:

      yes i am an adsense account holder and i am visiting many blogs to find a good answer for improving CTR. I think it will be better if you include more and more articles related to this.

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