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    Top 5 tips for choosing the right SIM Only plan

    SIM only plan is a mobile phone contract in which the user can buy only the SIM card unlike other deals where a buyer is forced to buy a mobile handset along with the SIM card. The SIM Only plans have been rapidly increased now-a-days as most of the people own unblocked mobile phones.

    SIM only plan is introduced to provide a cheaper tariff than a monthly plan and the user can make use of their existing mobile phones and number. There are several networks such as 3, Orange, O2, T Mobile and Vodafone that offer various types of SIM Only plans but while choosing a plan one should always follow some tips to get the right one.
    Top 5 tips for choosing the right SIM Only plan

    Tips for choosing right SIM only plan:

    There are some valid tips and advices all around to get the right SIM Only plan for the existing mobile and some are:

    1. Comparing Websites:

    When shifting for a SIM only plan the right place to choose the best plan is Comparison websites. The comparison websites offer complete details about each plan in an easy to read and understand way. Either you can compare the plans of all networks or you can compare the plans as per your monthly requirement of features and budget. The SIM Only plan comparisons are made impartial and updated on a daily basis to provide the users a complete detail to choose the best plan.

    2. Usage:

    The next step in choosing a right SIM Only Plan is selecting the one as per the daily mobile usage of an individual. One may use text messages more than making calls, but some may use internet browsing more than text messages. In such cases one should think about their daily usage of their mobile phone functions and choose the plan as per their requirements. Some networks offers limited free messages and browsing per month so the people can choose the best plans to fulfill their requirement in a cheaper tariff.

    3. Budget:

    The main step in getting a SIM Only plan is the budget of an individual. Yes, some can avail a monthly plan very easily but for some it is difficult. While choosing the SIM only plan one should know their capacity to offer for their usage and if they need a budget or cheap tariff then they can compare the prices of the plans offered by all networks and can choose the one which fits in their budget.

    4. Contract:

    When purchasing a SIM only plans there are so many contracts from different network providers. If the users are using a Pay-as-you go plan but need some more free offers from the network then they can go for a 30 day contract that means a monthly plan with sufficient free calls or text messages. If some one is in a need of more free calls and internet browsing then they can choose the 12 month contract which offers great value for their money.

    5. Tariff:

    Tariff plays a vital role in choosing a SIM only plan for the existing number and mobile handset. Pay-as-you go plans provide some valuable tariff but it restricts the user to an extent and the tariffs are not very cheaper also. But all the SIM only plans from different networks will provide something worth for the money a user pay. So one should have good knowledge about both Pay-as-you and SIM only plan’s tariff to get the best plan for their requirement.

    This post is contributed by Saksham who writes for a SIM only site comparing SIM only plans , SIM only contracts and using SIM only unlimited data deals for the Apple gadgets.

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