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    6 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

    This is a guest post by Warner Carter. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    1. Blogging without planning

    Blogging without planning is a no-no. As an Internet marketer, you should organize the flow of your blog’s content. Blogging without planning can result in half-baked blog posts. This usually occurs in companies that require writers to create a certain number of blog posts daily. This results in extreme boredom and work burnout.

    2. Over-planning your content

    Planning your content is a great thing to do, but doing so excessively isn’t helpful either. Planning your posts, topics, and link building strategies once or twice a day is enough; thinking about these every minute of the day is an unhealthy obsession.

    3. Considering money as your main motive

    Blogging is not always about making money. Thinking this way will just make you lose focus. Set aside money, or consider it as secondary, when blogging. Thinking about making money above everything else will kill your creativity, because inspiration comes from happiness and passion.

    4. Thinking of blogging as a job

    You’re probably blogging because you need money and you think of it as a way to escape your regular day job. However, to look at blogging as a second, part-time job doesn’t make a difference. Blog because you are passionate about it and because you love writing, sharing your thoughts, and helping others.

    5. Resenting criticism

    If you’re narcissistic, then blogging may not be for you. There are other people around you, and these people may not agree with your points of view. Bloggers should expect negative comments on their blog posts. Eventually, these negative comments and feedback will hone your ability to accept other people’s opinions. Learning from criticism will make you a better blogger in the future.

    6. Blogging outside your expertise

    This also results in half-baked blog posts and work burnout. Blogging about topics outside your expertise is just like blogging like an underpaid writer, because they tend to leave their works intentionally unedited, flawed, and inconsistent. Before starting a blog, think of your niche and expertise and plan your blog posts around these.

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    1. trupti says:

      very good points…
      blogging continuously for a couple of months might help not make such mistakes

    2. This is perhaps the most thoughtful, useful article of this type I’ve seen. It goes beyond a lot of the surface-level ideas I’ve seen repeated over and over in other places. Nicely said. 🙂

    3. I am a newbie and these will be good lesson for me to learn to avoid mistakes. I will bookmark this. Thanks for sharing:)

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