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    5 simple tips to protect your Computer from heat in Summer

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Now a days Computers are used in almost all commercial places. Students and educated people are also using the computers in their Homes. Protecting the Computers from heat is most important in summer. All cannot afford Air conditioners for their Computers. Of course it is also not mandatory to have AC for your PC if you follow these simple tips.

    1. Keep clean : One of the Main enemy of your Computer is heat. Dust is the main cause of producing heat. Maintain the surroundings of your computer Clean. Open your Desktop CPU and clean all the dust carefully without disturbing anything. Clean the Fans and Ventilators. CPU Fan should be cleaned neatly, Since processor produces a lot of heat.

    2. Good Ventilation: Ensure that free air is circulating at your Computer. Good Ventilation makes circulating the air freely. Free Air flowing reduces the temperature of your CPU. Ventilation is not only necessary for your computer, it is required for your health also.

    3.Cooling Pads for Laptop : Cooling pads keeps your Laptop cool. Many types of Cooling Pads are available in the market in affordable prices. USB Cooling pads runs fans consumes up to 2.5W. Conductive cooling pads works without using any power, these pads are filled with organic salt compound that absorbs heat from the laptop.

    4.Power off when not necessary: Shut Down your system when not necessary. This also reduce your room temperature and power. In summer Use your computer only when necessary. CRT monitors produce Maximum heat, so at least off your Monitor when not necessary. Try ten simple tips to save the power for your computer.

    5. CPU Fan : CPU Fan Plays a very important role in controlling the temperature of the Computer. CPU Speed fan program can be used to control the fan and temperature of your computer.

    Follow these 5 simple tips and protect your computer from high temperature in summer without spending any amount and contribute in Global warming controlling mission.

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    1. Eddie says:

      Food for thought Mahender. Thanks for the tips.

    2. Great tips. CPU fans program can be pretty handy. And providing ventilation is something which we can do easily. Thanks for the post. No doubt, this is something unique content.

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