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    GMail now Notifies your mail forwarding and delegation settings

    Google will release a new feature in Gmail soon. It is a great feature and very important to those who have been using Gmail for years now.

    I am one of them. Using since its inception. Like many of you, I have few Mail Forwarding and Delegation settings done in GMail. But, that was long ago. Now the delegation may not be necessary. But, since we as human beings tend to forgot. GMail will be now notify us with a message at the top of the Gmail inbox everytime you sign in.

    GMail Mail Forwarding and Delegation Settings

    GMail will show you a notice on top of the invox. which can easily alert gmail users and ask them to review the forwarding settings and may be turn off if not required any more.

    It is a simple feature yet very important. What do you think about this feature

    Via GMail blog

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    1. Elin says:

      Cool, this will help us to be more organized. An update could surely make a difference.

    2. Tess says:

      That is good to know, I had forgot about that.

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