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    What my Coupon site taught me about Content Marketing and SEO

    This is a guest post by Suraj KV who blogs at Suraj. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Content Marketing:

    As we all know that in business marketing plays an important role. Without it business cycle never rotates. Content marketing is the marketing that attract customers by showing them important contents of a product. It is a marketing that always connecting a person with his customers without any lapse of time. In this marketing customers have always connecting with sellers and know clear picture of products which latterly helps in developing strong relationship between customers and sellers. Content marketing is usually done for earn profit at higher rates by giving important information and clear aspects of a product like mine on my coupon site for oakley signs promo code and havahart wireless promotion . In this world of competition content marketing only helps a business man to give knowledge about products and also introduce new products to his customers. And with the help of content marketing he can easily attract target customers. This marketing is usually done by companies witch have fame in all over the world such as Microsoft and apple. This marketing is done by all media to gain customers such as via websites,emails,newsletters,onlinenewspapers,white papers etc.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    In content marketing search engine optimization (SEO) have a great importance. When we are doing content marketing then we have to give importance to that how we can improve our website which contents should be placed in it, how we could achieve our targets. This all comes in SEO. In defining SEO we can say that it is a process in which we access validity of website, and improves its contents through feed backs and search results.

    Importance of SEO in Content Marketing:

    In content marketing SEO have great importance which never be denied. It keeps check on that how search engines works and what people searched on websites. Later on this will helps them to achieving there targets by making improvements in websites by giving relevant and attracting data which are liked by there customers.Its so important that when I used for my coupon site where I promote havahart wireless promotion and oakley signs promo code, I’d to optimize every page of my product detail. SEO helps to prevent manipulation on WebPages. It gives feed back about peoples way of searching there interests. Search engine optimization process includes seeing that either website is visible in other seach engines or not, making contents and also seeing that which keywords are used by customers while searching.

    Seo in marketing strategy

    Seo has its importance in marketing strategy but it is not suitable for creating every website strategy. Internet marketing not only depends on it there are also other variables which helps in making highly competitive marketing strategy such as  provided high quality web pages to its customers it will helps them to stay with this company because when they get each and every important information about company then they want to stay here. Other variables are providing suitable soft wares which helps websites owner to calculate results and give true picture. And then it will helps them to improve there websites.

    Seo marketing strategy in international market:

    In international markets as we all know that competition is higher as compare to local markets. In international market that SEO can only succeed if it gives information according to that place such as if it has language translator option then this will helps it to make international customers because without language translator a customer cannot understand what a website owner want to conveyed him. In it local IP addresses also play a important role.

    Guest Post by Suraj, who is a content and coupon promoter, you can find coupons for havahart wireless promotion and oakley signs promo code on his coupon site.

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    1. Alexander says:

      Thanks a lot for this post… I guess I learn more about SEO and marketing from blog posts lately than from books :)))))))

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