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    3G Internet Providers – Mobile Broadband Options from Verizon

    Most people just could not get by without some form of internet connection at home. Furthermore, many now opt for a wireless internet service. The problem is which provider to choose, since there are now so many offering mobile broadband. One good option could be Verizon.

    Verizon Communications Inc. is a global telecommunications company based in America. Until recently, Verizon mainly concentrated their services in the area of wireless cell phones, but now they have decides to expand their wireless services to include other mobile devices in order to satisfy the growing demand from users needing more than just a mobile-phone network.

    Consequently, the company now provides numerous options that are suitable for all laptops, netbooks or other internet-capable devices. Here is a brief outline of some of the ways Verizon is providing 3G internet services to its users.

    The MiFi Verizon 3G Internet Phone:

    Many users have decided that MiFi Verizon high-speed 3G internet access is the option for them. MiFi is essentially a portable wireless router and 3G broadband-internet service which can provide for up to five devices capable of receiving Wi-Fi access. Most have agreed that even with all five devices connected at once, the connection and running speeds are still high. The beauty of this device is that it is very compact and the battery is also conveniently rechargeable. The set-up for this system is relatively easy and running costs are fairly affordable, even if you happen to use as much as 5GB of data a month.

    Smart Phones Verizon 3G Internet:

    Using a smart phone with 3G connectivity from Verizon provides the user with internet access to their laptops. In addition, in the majority of cases internet connections can be maintained to many other mobile devices, although this does depend on the functionality of the 3G smart phone the customer is using. The good news is that many of the latest smart phones from all the top manufacturers such as Motorola, Samsung and Palm can be used as 3G-enabled mobile hotspots.

    For some deals, Verizon will offer free packages with 3G mobile hot-spot enabled, but only if the user is prepared to retain the Verizon phone. For all other hotspot deals the prices from Verizon can vary somewhat.

    In most cases, Verizon mobile broadband deals will include a data limit of five gigabytes a month. However, higher or lower limits are available if necessary, with prices to match. For the vast majority of Verizon customers, though, the five gigabytes is sufficient. If you do tend to download a lot of data, it is worth keeping a close eye on your usage as you approach the limit. Going over it can entail significantly higher charges.

    For those on a budget, Verizon offer some good Pay-As-You-Go deals. These can used to ensure that you never go over your monthly limits and so never have to face unexpected bills. There are various options for tablets, 3G modems and mobile hotspots, all of which are priced according to how much data you will use each month. They range from $20 for 1 gigabyte to $80 for 10 gigabytes.

    If you are considering getting a new smart phone, it’s worth investigating the deals from Verizon. You will probably find something to suit your needs, whether it’s a cheap Pay-As-You-Go prepaid plan or a monthly contract.


    About the Author: Adriana Jones is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative articles on various cable internet providers in different areas. She is an expert on topics related to cables internet, broadband services, telecom etc.

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