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    What Are You Doing About Adblock?

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    What Are You Doing About Adblock?


    Frozen Stop Sign

    You may have read about the Adblock controversy online or you are wondering what all the hype is about. Adblock is a browser plug-in that filters content; blocking advertisements on the web, causing an outcry by webmasters (often against their users) that rely on advertising to fund their sites.

    As an internet user, the chances are you find the advertisements that pop up on your screen, the constant banner adverts and other forms of advertising frustrating, especially when you are searching for specific information. This plug-in is available for most browsers, and enables the user to block adverts from downloading and being displayed. The software blocks scripts, Flash and iframes.

    Webmasters in Uproar


    However, the software hasn’t come without a price. Webmasters are in an uproar, especially those that rely on advertising revenue to pay for their hosting through affiliate marketing. Most of these websites are a free service and it’s their advertising that pays for the site, this is how most sites operate these days. Webmasters have noticed that Adblock is seriously reducing their revenue (some estimates place adblock use at around 10% of sessions).

    In 2011 Adblock took these concerns on board including “whitelisting”, this which allowed users to view some advertising that was considered non-intrusive. But due to the type of software it is, it still gives the user the ability to turn off whitelisting if they prefer.

    There is so much debate online about Adblock with webmasters taking drastic action and blocking Adblock users. WordPress has offered a plug-in for webmasters called “Anti-Adblock”; this detects Adblock users and asks them to turn it off. While it doesn’t prevent the users from using the site, it does ask them to turn it off. If you’re a little handy with JavaScript, you can employ a small snippet of jQuery to do this yourself.

    Websites Take Action

    Escapist recently decided to ban their members from their forums if they even mentioned the plug-in. This wasn’t aimed only at members using Adblock, all they had to do was mention it on the site and they were banned. Ars Technica, a technical news and information site did a test block where they blocked users using the plug-in in 2009, which caused a lot of controversy. In contrast, Facebook, a site that advertises and tracks its members, haven’t been too bothered about the plug-in. In fact Facebook have even allowed Adblock to have their own Facebook page.

    Users Enjoying Advertisement Free Searches

    For the majority of internet users this plug-in is a blessing, many have turned to it being offered on Google, Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer to block unwanted advertisements. This plug-in is blocking banner advertisements and pop ups from users computers around the world. One large bonus for users is the increased page speed (since it doesn’t load the ads) and decreased distraction.

    For webmasters that use affiliate marketing there are a lot of suggestions on how to get around Adblock available, but there seems to be little success besides hosting static links unless you are considered by the users as safe for whitelisting.

    As a webmaster, if you offer valuable and interesting information you should not suffer and your site will still be enjoyed by thousands. By offering valuable information more readers will visit your site and may be less worried about advertising.  Asking them to turn off Adblock may assist in the long run.

    If you are a webmaster: Do you do anything about Adblock users?

    If you use Adblock: Do you think there is anything wrong about doing so?


    Oliver works as a tech writer for Ladbrokes; who have lost millions of AdSense impressions the past few years thanks to Adblock. He’s hoping to get a pair of real life Google Goggles if they ever get released.

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