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    Mobile Marketing and Benefit of Brands

    This is a guest post by Alfred smith. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Most businesses had already realized the importance of online marketing to increase their market penetration and profit figures. Subsequently, online marketing agencies are enjoying rampant exposure. But there’s one area, which hasn’t received its due share of publicity so far. That area is mobile marketing; businesses are yet to learn its importance.

    Mobile marketing consists of an array of advantages; marketing efforts through the use of mobile platform enables a business to reach out to a large number of users. The growth potentials of this industry can leverage both B2B and B2C verticals.

    Big businesses such as Facebook and Foursquare launched mobile apps to make a renewed and much felt presence among the end users. Foursquare has introduced the ‘social check-in’ feature, which allows users to share their current location with friends. After that Facebook came up with ‘Facebook Places’ with similar functionality. There are many other services, which followed Foursquare and Facebook. Such companies are Google+, Google Latitude, Gowalla, GetGlue and Brightkite.

    Such location sharing apps can be highly beneficial for a restaurant. Restaurant marketing normally relies on billboard advertising, word of mouth promotion etc. But those, who went to the restaurant to dine, can be asked by the owner himself to share the location through the use of the social check-in feature. The whole stunt would be for publicity and interest ones, who will share the restaurant’s location, would be given some discount. In this way, the brand will get gigantic visibility within a short span of time and among a large number of users. Though hypothetical, the example surfaces the importance of mobile marketing for businesses. Real data and figures can also be presented to showcase the importance of mobile marketing for companies;

    Surveys have coined that nearly half of all mobile searches are followed by purchase of a product or a service while 70% of all mobile searches are followed by action within next 1 hour. And that’s not all! The use of PCs, Laptops and even Notebooks is decreasing these days as handheld devices such as Smartphone and Tablets are taking over. In a nutshell, use of mobile devices is not simply increasing but it’s actually skyrocketing. The pace of the growth is so fast that number of mobile app developer is also steadily increasing. As opportunities are aplenty, businesses need to strategize their move if they want to cash in. It’s not difficult to coming up effective strategies; for example, internet giants such as Google and Amazon have app-stores, which stockpile different apps. Brands can develop or endorse development of apps, which promote their business.

    Once users download those apps, they will come to know about the brands and in this way, brands will get visibility. But the catch here is, businesses are not aware of potential benefits of mobile marketing. That’s why, when opting for mobile marketing, they are recommended to take care of the following areas;

    • Defining mobile marketing benefits for their organizations.
    • Increasing mobile efforts for the organization.
    • Optimizing a mobile marketing strategy and executing it.
    • Reviewing case studies coming from different brands.
    • Tracking the ROI and comparing it to other marketing strategies.
    • Developing innovative apps to increase user-engagement.
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