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    Stereo Mix in Windows 8 Missing – Here are Few Solutions to Enable

    Windows 8 - Stereo Mix

    Windows 8 – Stereo Mix

    Stereo Mix is missing in Windows 8. Windows 8 was released recently and most of the PC’s or Laptops have this one problem – “No Stereo Mix on Windows 8. The same problem of Missing Stereo Mix or Wave Out which doesn’t allow to do Recording which is played back has been surfaced on Microsoft versions – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and also in Windows 8.

    We have already shared the following posts on How to Enable Stereo Mix

    Solution to “No Stereo Mix Problem” for Windows XP and Vista | Windows 7 | Windows 8.1

    Right now, I have only few solutions to Enable Stereo Mix in Windows 8. I will keep updating the post as an when I get more information on this.

    SOLUTION 1: Before you try looking for Installing and uninstalling of Drivers, Try doing this first (for only Windows 8 users)

    1. Press on "Window Key + R" and type MMSYS.CPL and press enter.
    2. Select the Recording tab and right-click on the blank area.
    3. Check “Show Disabled Devices” and “Show Disconnected Devices”.
    4. Now Stereo Mix should show up. Set it as default.

    SOLUTION 2: Use Virtual Audio Cable

    1. Download Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) to resolve missing stereo mix problem

    SOLUTION 3: Use Audio Splitter

    1. Get Audio Splitter (one audio jack on one end and two audio jack inputs at the other end). Check the below image.
      Audio Splitter

      also buy a double ended audio jack cable ( 3.5mm 2 male pin audio stereo plug). Check the below image.
      3.5mm 2 male pin audio stereo plug

      You plug this into one of the audio input jacks from the splitter then plug the other end into your mic input (usually pink). Then plug some headphones into the other input jack from the splitter.

    SOLUTION 4: How to Record Computer Sound in Windows 8 Stereo Mix

    If you know any other alternative to Enable Stereo Mix on Windows 8. Please leave a comment…

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    1. SeanieOS says:

      I had this problem too and in my case I found that StereoMix was disabled in the driver file. I documented my solution which involves editing the driver file and re-installing it. Search google for ‘Windows 7: Can’t see Stereo Mix on Dell Inspiron 7520’ and you will find the thread at sevenforums.com

      Other people have reported this solution working for Windows 8 also.

    2. salman says:

      dear Respected.
      how will able stereo mix in sonny vaio core i 3 for windows 8

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