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    BCCI threatens to pull out of Champions Trophy

    According to reports, BCCI has threatened to pull Team India out of Champions Trophy over rift with ICC on L Sivaramakrishnan’s appointment as a players’ representative in the governing body.

    BCCI is not happy with the noise being made over Sivaramakrishnan’s election to the ICC’s Cricket Committee ahead of Tim May, the chief executive officer of FICA.

    FICA chief executive Tim May told CNN-IBN that there are enough evidence to proof that captains have been influenced and not allowed to vote according to their choice.

    FICA cried foul, alleging the vote by the captains of the Test playing nations was influenced by the boards and the BCCI. It is alleged that in the initial vote, May had won 9-1 but the BCCI used its financial might to coerce the Cricket Boards of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe into asking their respective captains to vote for Sivaramakrishnan.

    Earlier, Sivaramakrishnan, who is employed by the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) as a commentator, replaced Tim May on the ICC cricket committee, an appointment that attracted criticism from various quarters.

    “In January this year, because of confusion in the voting process for such representatives (for example in respect of what should happen in the case of a tied vote and, where teams had different captains for different formats of the game, which captain should be entitled to vote), the ICC Board considered the matter carefully, and following clarification of the process to be followed, decided that another vote should be taken,” ICC said in a statement.

    “Subsequent to the re-vote, the ICC is concerned to note a number of factual inaccuracies appearing in the media in respect of the results of the voting and the underlying basis for the Board decision that a re-vote was necessary, as well as unsupported allegations of impropriety in the voting process,” it added.

    The furore over the former India spinner`s appointment was caused following allegations that BCCI forced a re-vote to get Sivaramakrishnan on the committee after May won the initial vote 9-1.

    “In that respect, the ICC can confirm that it has received a written request from the Federation of International Cricketers` Associations (FICA) to refer the matter to the Ethics Officer.

    “This request is being considered, but in view of the allegations already appearing in the media, the ICC wishes to state for the record that the re-vote took place according to the determined procedure and that the ICC has seen no evidence that supports allegations now being made that captains were put under pressure by their Member Boards to vote for a particular individual,” the statement read.

    The ICC stated that it would not make any further comment regarding the issue.

    [via IBNLive.com

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