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    ICC World Twenty20 Team Squads, Team Names, Group Names

    ICC World Twenty20 T20 will be held in Bangladesh from March 16th, 2014 to April 6th, 2014.

    In total there will be 16 teams participating. Out of which 8 teams (6 associate member teams and 2 full member teams) will play and only 2 teams will join the 8 teams in Super 10s.

    ICC Twenty20 2014 logo

    Click here for ICC World Twenty20 Cricket Schedule | ICC World Twenty20 Warm-up Matches Cricket Schedule

    In Qualifying Round of ICC World T20, We have 8 teams (mentioned below) divided into 2 Groups. Group A and Group B. One team from each Group will proceed and join the 8 teams and play Super 10s round.

    8 Team Names in Qualifying Round ICC World T20

    1. Afghanistan (Associate Nation) – Group A
    2. Bangladesh – Group A
    3. Hong Kong (Associate Nation) – Group A
    4. Ireland (Associate Nation) – Group B
    5. Netherlands (Associate Nation) – Group B
    6. Nepal (Associate Nation) – Group A
    7. United Arab Emirates (Associate Nation) – Group B
    8. Zimbabwe – Group B

    In Super 10s of ICC World T20, We have 10 teams (mentioned below) divided into 2 Groups. Group 1 and Group 1. Each team from each Group will play against 3 teams with that group and 2 Teams from each Group will move to Semi Finals.

    10 Team Names Playing in Super 10s ICC World T20 World Cup

    1. Australia – Group 2
    2. England – Group 1
    3. India – Group 2
    4. New Zealand – Group 1
    5. Pakistan – Group 2
    6. South Africa – Group 1
    7. Sri Lanka – Group 1
    8. West Indies – Group 2
    9. Team 1 from qualifier round – Group 1
    10. Team 2 from qualifier round – Group 2

    Following are the Team Names and Team Squads for ICC World T20.

    ICC Twenty20 World Cup Afghanistan T20 Squad

    Team Name Squad
    Afghanistan (Associate Nation) Afghanistan T20 Squad
    Australia Australia T20 Squad
    Bangladesh Bangladesh T20 Squad
    England England T20 Squad
    Hong Kong (Associate Nation) Hong Kong T20 Squad
    India India T20 Squad
    Ireland (Associate Nation) Ireland T20 Squad
    Netherlands (Associate Nation) Netherlands T20 Squad
    Nepal (Associate Nation) Nepal T20 Squad
    New Zealand New Zealand T20 Squad
    Pakistan Pakistan T20 Squad
    South Africa South Africa T20 Squad
    Sri Lanka Sri Lanka T20 Squad
    United Arab Emirates (Associate Nation) United Arab Emirates T20 Squad
    West Indies West Indies T20 Squad
    Zimbabwe Zimbabwe T20 Squad

    More info on ICC World Twenty20

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