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    6 Easy Tips on Reviving your Dead Blog

    For reasons like busy schedules, Full Time job pressure and changes of commitment, people sometimes have to set aside blogging for a while. However, as they miss the craft, taking the first step in reviving their long-dead blogs seems to be daunting. Following are the 6 Steps for Reviving your Dead Blog

    5 Ways To Make Your Blog Stand Out From the Crowd

    Creating a blog is one thing, but creating one that tops them all is something entirely different that takes hard work, determination, and valuable insight as to what will actually help get you to the top. The competition is becoming more and more fierce these days due to increasingly large number of bloggers out there. […]

    6 Points that reflects your blog popularity

    When we start a blog it’s like a new born baby, no Page Rank, no Traffic it’s like a bare land. After putting valuable efforts it starts gaining slowly slowly some traffic. When I started blogging in last week of Nov 2010 I was hardly getting any traffic. after 10-15 days my blog started gaining […]

    Drastic changes in Paypal User Agreement for Indian account Holders

    There is a bad news to all Indian Paypal account holders. Due to RBI Guidelines (Reserve Bank of India). Paypal had to make changes in the user agreement in India. They have amended the following services. They have given 30 days notice from January 28th, 2011. It means the new user agreement will come into […]

    Top 9 Do’s and Don’ts For Building Business Relationships

    The most controversial title, yes. There are many thousands of Blogger who are trying to build relationship with their readers. They just don’t want their readers to leave their blog. In a sense, they want more from their readers and the readers expects more from the blogger. The following points are more towards human side […]

    Google Adsense program disallows auto-generated or unorignal content Blogs and websites

    Google Adsense has come up with an important announcement. It is important for all the Adsense publishers. They should be aware of this new policy and make sure that they don’t break this. If they do this, then they entertain Google to Suspend Google Adsense. This is a warning to all the Bloggers who have […]

    4 Ways to save money with your Mobile Phone

    Did you ever thought of saving money with your cell phone! I guess no..  So, In this post I’m going to share some ways to save money with your phone. Hope you like this post. 1. Buy Phone that fits you Many people spend hundreds of dollars to buy a good looking cell / mobile […]

    Wishing you a Happy New Year 2011 from NiharsWorld

    Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011 So 2011 is here! Not a mere New Year. It also heralds the beginning of a decade, the second in this century. How soon hath time, just as Milton said. It seems only the other day, we were confounded with the Y2K. And, how furiously […]

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