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    Download Google Chrome 4 Final | Download Google Chrome 4 Offline Installer

    Google has released Chrome 4.0 Browser. Its been quite a while that we had an update to Google Chrome Browser. Google claims that Google Chrome is more faster than the previous version. The new version is bug free and has more features. This stable version of Chrome 4 has over 1500 new features! Google Chrome […]

    How To Open Multiple Websites / URLs With a Single Click using URL Opener

    Most of us have some favorite sites and you would like to open as soon as you open the Browser. Let say you have open 10 websites daily. Opening them one by one will be tedious and mundane task. Lot of you might have thought about this… Why not Open Multiple Websites with Single Click? […]

    How to Hide Firefox Tabs to protect your Privacy – Hide Tab Firefox Extension

    I am very particular about the privacy, especially when you are in at workplace. You are surfing some sites and you don’t want people to know what actually you are browsing? What do you do? To avoid embarrassing situation, I either use Maxthon Browser to Hide the browser totally or use Rename Firefox Tabs – […]

    Opera releases Opera 10 Final Now Available for Download

    Few days ago, I mentioned that Opera released Opera 10 Release Candidate 2. Today is the day. Opera 10 Final version is available for download! Opera 10 is available for most famous OS – Windows, Mac and Linux. It has lots of new features. One which is interesting is Turbo. Turbo feature allows you to […]

    Download Opera 10 Release Candidate

    Opera is one of the best Browsers in the market. Opera 10 is the latest browser version. Today Opera has released Opera 10 RC (Release Candidate). It uses Presto 2.2 rendering engine.

    Aero Glass look and feel for Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Under Windows Vista & 7

    Guys here is a good news for all Mozilla Firefox fanatics. Firefox 3.7 will now have a Aero Glass look under Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you have used IE 8, you would know what Aero Glass makes your browser look. The Aero Glass look can be seen in Firefox 3.7 because, it will […]

    How to make Firefox Old Addons compatible with Firefox 3.5 or higher

    I think more than 50% of the world wide Firefox users might have updated to Firefox 3.5. Immediately after upgrading to Firefox 3.5, Most of us might have see some of the Addons that we were using might not be compatible with Firefox 3.5. What if you got accustomed to some addons which you want […]

    Download Firefox 3.5 Final Portable

    Recently, Firefox 3.5 Final Version was released. It has really won me mainly due to increase in its speed. I feel that webpage rendering has improved drastically. I don’t know about your view? Leave that now come to other part of the story. Firefox has now released Firefox 3.5 Portable version. It means now you […]

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