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    Archive for the ‘Google’ Category

    Google Phone – Nexus One Photos

    Few hours back, I talked about Google Phone Nexus One Release Date and Price. Now, I am here to share some of the Google Phone – Nexus One Photos. I got the photos from Engadget. Google Nexus One Photos

    Nexus One Release Date and Price Announced

    The current hype about Google is Google’s Phone – Nexus One. Google has announced the Release Date and Price of Nexus One! Google Nexus One Release Date

    Google comes up with Google Phone – Google Phone Specifications, Google Phone Photos

    Google have confirmed that they are working on a new Google Phone. Google Phone will run on Android. Google Phone specifications that i know Capacitive multi-touch OLED screen GSM network On-screen keyboard only Snapdragon Processor Runs on Android 2.1 The phone is HTC but will be Google branded. Below are the Google Phone Photos that […]

    Google launches URL Shortener service – goo.gl

    Google has come into one more space. They have introduced their own URL Shortener Service. Google URL Shortener is http://goo.gl. The main point to be noted here is – Google URL Shortener is currently only available for Google products. It cannot be used for your blog or any other site like we use to Shorten […]

    Top 10 Popular Google Chrome Extensions

    Google recently started Google Chrome Extensions Gallery. There you can find thousands of Chrome Extensions for Download. Chrome Extensions are same as Firefox Extensions or Addons. They add more functionality to your Google Chrome Browser. Right now there are thousands of Google Chrome Extensions available for Download in the Chrome Extension Gallery. I am presenting […]

    Google Chrome has now its own Chrome Extensions Gallery!

    In the past, I have mentioned about Google Chrome Browser. Till this point of time, One thing that was lacking in Google Chrome Browser was support of Google Chrome Extensions Website (similar to Firefox Extensions or Addon).

    Google introduces Google Public DNS

    Yesterday, Google introduced a new service – Global Public DNS. They claim that DNS Service will make internet connection Faster. What is DNS? DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is a protocol use to map website address to IP Addresses which Computers can understand. It serves as the Internet’s phone book: every time you […]

    How to get Google Wave Invites ?

    From last few days, there is a lot of buzz about a new application called Google Wave. I have to admit that i am a bit late to write about Google Wave on this blog. What is Google Wave ? Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. The definition of Wave […]

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