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    Archive for the ‘Hardware’ Category

    How to Extend Desktop to LCD/Monitor/TV?

    How many of you know that you can Extend your desktop on to your Monitor or TV or LCD? If you have Television or extra monitor lying around at your home, you can use it along with your PC/Laptop to get extra desktop space. Having a dual display allows you to Extend your Desktop and […]

    Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) to resolve Missing Stereo Mix Problem

    Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) helps you to solve no stereo mix problem. To know the reason behind writing this post, I would suggest you first read this post – No Stereo Mix recording option. Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) can also be called as Virtual Stereo Mix for the reason that it resolves Missing Stereo Mix […]

    Stereo Mix Missing – Enable Playback Audio Recording in Windows XP, Vista

    This is the most common problem that users face. Most of the laptops and desktops will not find Stereo Mix under recording option . This problem doesn’t allow users to Record Playback Audio. I know most of you reached this web page are looking for a solution to a problem of Missing Stereo Mix under […]

    When Some Keys On The Keyboard are not Working – Troubleshoot

    Suddenly, some of the keys on the keyboard are dead (not working) or You have an old PC or laptop with a faulty keyboard. You want to get a new keyboard or go for a repair but you have some task on your plate which is very urgent and needs to be completed immediately. No […]

    How to protect yourself from Keyloggers

    My suggestion to all is always try to avoid accessing your bank accounts or mailbox from public computers (cyber cafes…etc). With all the keyloggers that may be stuffed in public computers, they pose a serious security threat to users. Keyloggers mean not just Trojans, but commercial keyloggers as well. What are key loggers ? Key […]

    Microsoft Surface Computing: Minority Report Screen becomes reality

    Surely some of you have seen the film Minority Report that showed a screen operated not by mouse or pointing device but by hands, Tom cruise using his hands to open, rotate, enlarge photos on the computing screen. When i saw the movie, i was thinking how could be this possible, using hands and finger […]

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